2 Cycle vs 4 Cycle Trimmer

2 Cycle vs 4 Cycle Trimmer – Are you in the market for a grass trimmer? If so then one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is the decision about a 2 cycle vs 4 cycle trimmer. Here are some of the issues to consider

2 Cycle vs 4 Cycle Trimmer – Comparison

How the Units Work

When considering the choice of 2 cycle vs 4 cycle trimmer this is one of the main issues to consider. There’s a big difference in how the two units operate. As the name suggests a 4-cycle engine includes 4 stages. They include the power stroke, exhaust stroke, intake stroke, and compression stroke. The crankshaft must revolve 2x to provide these 2 strokes. The power stroke is the one that sends a unit’s piston into the 3 other stages.

2 cycle vs 4 cycle trimmer

Then there’s the 2-cycle engine that has half the cycles as the 4-cycle unit. Still, they achieve the same results. The combination power/exhaust stroke is the first one and the second one is the combination of the compression/intake stroke. When the piston gets to the top of the stroke both the power and combustion take place. Then at the bottom exhaust/intake happen. Just one revolution is needed in order to create 2 strokes and move the piston throughout the complete cycle.

Four-cycle Trimmer Benefits

1. Efficiency

The 4-cycle trimmer is more efficient than the 2-cycle trimmer. This is important for issues like how fast it will take to complete your trimming job. If you want to get the job done faster than a 4-cycle trimmer is a better option.

2. Fuel efficiency

This unit is more efficiency in terms of the use of fuel. This is a plus if you want to save money on the costs of fuel. However, if that’s not an issue then you could go with a 2-cycle trimmer instead.

Two-Cycle Trimmer Benefits

1. Starting

This unit is much easier to start up than a 4-cycle trimmer. That’s due to the engine being less complex and having fewer moving parts.

2. Fewer parts

One of the key benefits of the 2-cycle trimmer when comparing a 2 cycle vs 4 cycle trimmer is fewer parts means there are fewer ones that can break. A 4-cycle engine has many more moving parts than a 2-cycle trimmer. That includes the:

  • Connecting rod
  • Crankshaft
  • Lifters
  • piston
  • Valves

Meanwhile, a 2-cycle engine basically has 3 big moving parts. They include the crankshaft, connecting rod and piston. In fact, in a small 2-cycle engine there’s no lifters, cams, or valv.es. When there are fewer parts that means maintenance is easier and there’s less need for repairs. 2-cycle engines are generally smaller than 4-cycle engines, which can be 2x as large. The 2-cycle engine combines 2 functions in a single rotation. This makes power 2x as fast as a 4-stroke trimmer.

3. Weight

Due to a 2-cycle trimmer having fewer parts it’s also lighter and thus easier to operate. If you have certain health conditions this can be a plus.

This is all the info you’ll need when taking up the 2 cycle vs 4 cycle trimmer debate.

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