Best Air Compressor for Painting Cars Review

Best Air Compressor for Painting Cars – Painting used to be one of the most tedious tasks during the past while there were no power tools. Things got changed when Francis Davis Millet tried painting by using an air compressor during 1892. He had to complete the painting job quickly and that’s why he tried something new that had changed the method of painting forever.

Today the use of air compressors is quite common for painting jobs. These devices are used widely for painting cars, buildings, and many other applications. A right air compressor can turn painting into the easiest job to do.

Best Air Compressor for Painting Cars Review – Our Top Picks

If you are planning to buy the best air compressor for painting cars, recognizing the best would be a tough task. You will have to consider several important things even if you are looking for an air compressor online. That can also be a tedious task, but do not worry about it. We have reviewed the best air compressors, used widely for painting cars. Check the reviews to pick the best for your work.

1. California Air Tools Ultra Quiet Tank Air Compressor

best air compressor for painting cars - California Air Tools Ultra Quiet

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This air compressor is an ideal choice for performing medium to small size painting jobs. The California Air Tools is a renowned brand that has been supplying powerful air tools for quite a long time. Its ultra quiet tank air compressor is equipped with a 1hp pump that can easily generate 3.80CFM at 40PSI. Its cutting-edge motor applies oil-less technique while in operation. That’s how the life of the air compressor increases and the maintenance costs reduce.

This air compressor features wheels that increase its portability even on rugged terrains. The complete unit weighs only 46lbs, which is quite amazing for a powerful air compressor. Needless to say, numerous people have bought this air compressor.

Most of them have considered it as the best air compressor for painting cars because of its quiet operation. Its silent working feature would be quite helpful because car painting will become a very pleasant job for you. Buy this air compressor if its features impress you.

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2. DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor with Wheels

Dewalt is one of the most reliable hand tools and power tools manufacturing brands. It designs devices, equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed to reduce the user’s efforts. The D55146 Hand Carry Compressor is a great example of Dewalt’s craftsmanship because it is a unique air compressor.

best air compressor for painting cars - DEWALT D55146

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This air compressor weighs around 83lbs and produces over 200 PSI for the painting job. This air compressor is equipped with rubber tires and a durable metal tubing carriage. You can haul it anywhere you want. This air compressor generates 5.0CFM at 90PSI and that is sufficient for operating any kind of paint gun. Although it is a reliable air compressor for car paint jobs, you can also use it for large commercial and residential painting jobs.

The D55146 Hand Carry Compressor can recover the air pressure faster than many other air compressors. It will build air pressure pretty quickly and therefore you can start the painting job within a few minutes. Dewalt has designed this air compressor to improve your work efficiency. Consider it, if it suits all your work demands.

3. Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

best air compressor for painting cars - Makita MAC5200

Some companies spend a lot of time and money to develop a device that can be the best in performance and usability. Makita is one of those companies, which has been producing air compressors equipped with the advanced techniques. The MAC5200 Air Compressor uses the Big Bore engine technique to perform better than its competitors.

This technology allows this air compressor to gain more pressure recovery time. It has a 3.0HP motor and that is pretty amazing for a highly portable air compressor. The complete unit weighs around 104lbs. This air compressor is equipped with a cast iron cylinder, powerful motor, and many other durable components. Still, it weighs only 104lbs and it is portable, which is pretty amazing.

This air compressor can constantly produce 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI because it continuously operates on 110 to 140 PSI. It has rubber wheels and a unique design that improves its portability on all types’ job sites.

Final words

Choosing the best air compressor for painting cars would be quite easy now. If you have carefully checked all the features of the reviewed air compressors. These are the best devices you can buy at reasonable prices. The reviewed air compressors offer all the necessary features for a car painting job and these are portable devices. So, it would not be a tough task to move them while painting the cars.

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