Best Belt Sander Reviews

Best Belt Sander – Many of you may not imagine how tough it is to sand a surface using some sandpaper. First of all, your fingers are always at the risk of getting injured. You will have to hold the sandpaper tight so that you can get a smooth finish. While your thumb is holding the sandpaper other four fingers will constantly push it towards the surface to get the best results.

All in all, it is an exhausting and very frustrating task to do. People have performed this difficult job by their hands for many decades. Fortunately, today’s woodworkers and industrial workers do not need to face that difficulty because power sanders are available now.

The Best Belt Sander – Our Top Picks

The belt sander has got a huge response from the pros across the globe while it was first introduced. It is widely used by professional woodworkers, craftsperson, and industrialists to smoothen the rough surface of the applications. You may also need one if you are a woodworker who wants to get rid of sandpapers.

You should buy the best belt sander by considering the reviewed products. We have reviewed the best power sanders that would make the selection a lot easier for you.

1. Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

best belt sander - Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag


When it comes to producing the best power tools, Makita always gains its spot in the top ten product list. The Makita 9903 is our best pick not only because of its feature, but also because of its performance and ease of use. It is equipped with a powerful 8.8 amp motor.

This motor produces enough power for completing some large sanding jobs without taking too much time. You can also call it a silent belt sander because the motor operates almost silently. It is equipped with the auto-tracking sensor that tracks the motion of the sander and helps you in maintaining a perfect position of this power tool throughout the sanding job.

As said earlier, the Makita 9903 is an easy to use power tool. It has a front grip that allows you to position your hands perfectly while sanding and thus your hands do not feel too much stress. It can not only sand the wood, but also remove the paint and collect the dust in a dust bag. Therefore, it is the best belt sander according to many experts.

2. Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander

Hitachi has built the SB8V2 probably to reduce the difficulties faced by the carpenters and woodworkers while working on large surfaces. Yes, it has a powerful motor along with all those standard power sander features that other brands are offering with their power sanders. You can run this tool on different speeds. In fact, you can quickly change the sanding speed according to the requirement.

best belt sander - Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander

It is a tough device to break and thus it becomes quite durable. You should not worry if you fall it down on a hard surface because it will remain intact. Its 9amp motor and 3×21” sanding belt is capable of sanding multiple materials like wood and metal. The professional carpenters have found that this belt sander can also reach some other toughest areas of the wooden objects. Therefore, it should be your top pick if you need a belt sander for carpentry jobs.

3. Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander

best belt sander - Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

Just like Makita, Black & Decker has also got a good habit of delivering the best quality power tools for a variety of jobs. The DS321 Dragster is probably the best power sander produced by this company. It offers optimum comfort while you are sanding and you can buy it at a very low price.

This power sander is equipped with an adjustable handle, it allows you to switch the speed, and its powerful motor can run constantly for a very long time. So, it is a great choice if you want to finish large sanding projects quickly. This belt sander is equipped with the belt tracking system.

The belt will be on its position throughout the sanding process. The tracker will inform you as it moves out of its natural position. It is a reliable tool for sanding difficult-to-reach spaces. Many carpenters are using it and they consider it the best belt sander.

Final words

Whether it is Makita, Hitachi, or Black & Decker, all the brands produce reliable tools. We have gone through the buyers’ reviews of all three belt sanders and found that most of the buyers are happy with the performance of these power sanders. Therefore, you can trust our selection and buy the best suitable device for sanding job.

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