Best Benchtop Drill Press Reviews

Best Benchtop Drill Press – A benchtop drill press is fixed to a bench and is used exclusively for the purpose of creating holes in different workpieces. These devices come with multiple clutter types so as to handle workpieces of different sizes and types. The best benchtop drill press can be highly accurate and can serve as an excellent inclusion in the workshop. These drills come in various different speed settings making it possible to use them for crafting multiple workpieces.

The Best Benchtop Drill Press – Our Top Picks

Gives below are detailed reviews for three best benchtop drill press models so as to make your purchase a lot easier.

1. JET JDP – 15M

This is a highly powerful benchtop drill press that is capable of offering up to 16 different levels of speed. The speed ranges from 200 to 3,630 RPM thereby offering a great degree of efficiency while working. In addition to this, the drill press is also very versatile and flexible. It is capable of rotating and even tilting at angles of up to 45 degrees while using in a 10 by 13-inch workspace.

best benchtop drill press - JET JDP-15M

This machine has a motor that can offer up to ¾ horsepower on 115/230 volts. It also has a tension spindle return spring which can be adjusted as per the need of the hour. It weighs a total of 150 pounds and is fully equipped to handle even the toughest of jobs with much ease.

This machine is crank operated and you can use it in 16 different speed settings. It is capable of offering a 15-inch swing. The machine comes together with a key and a 5/8 inch drill chuck. There is also a built-in work light included in the drill press. It has a dimension of 31 by 13 by 39 ½ inches.


  • Powerful performance.
  • Multiple speed setting.
  • Can be tilted for some specific cuts.


  • The sheathing used in the cables is not of good quality.
  • The handle for raising the table is too short.

2. Craftsman 12 inch

This is a highly precise benchtop drill press that is also capable of giving a very powerful performance. Since it is available at a highly affordable price, you also do not have to burn a hole in your pocket while purchasing this product. It comes with a swivel knob and inbuilt LED that allows very easy controls.

The LED light can be adjusted as per the requirement in order to increase the visibility while working. The drill press offers 5 different levels of speed which makes it perfect for a number of different applications, In addition to this, it has a flexible fence that makes repetitive drilling a lot easier.

best benchtop drill press - Craftsman 12 Inch

This drill press allows for accurate height adjustments mainly due to its features such as the pinion and rack. The large chuck spins allow for a very smooth drilling, especially while you are drilling over thin steel layers. The drill also does not make much noise during the process, thereby allowing you to work with a greater focus.

If you are willing to take your projects to another level, then this Craftsman laser drill is the perfect answer. Although it is most used for wood, you can also use it on aluminum, steel, and plastic. With this high torque drill press, you will be able to tackle every job without breaking a sweat.


  • High torque.
  • Extreme precision.
  • Smooth performance.
  • High speed.
  • Can be used easily on hard and dense materials.
  • Does not lose its sharpness.
  • Durable .
  • Adjustable speed.


  • Assemblage may be very time consuming.
  • Sometimes, the laser may not work at all.
  • No digital readout for depth.

3. Dake TB – 16

best benchtop drill press - Dake TB-16

This drill offers 9 different settings for speed which can be adjusted through the tension belt. It has a locking handle that allows you to take complete your projects with a high level of accuracy. Then there are safety features such as the emergency button that can be used for instantly turning it on or off.


  • Comes with a switch for thermal overload and belt cover to ensure an optimum performance.
  • The spindle has 4 bearing points and a large diameter.
  • Extremely precise.


  • The switches may break if handled roughly.
  • Makes noise.


These are the three best benchtop drill press models with the best set of features. They let you handle all the tricky affairs with much ease and precision. Furthermore, they are also very safe, highly flexible and very stable. Every workshop can benefit immensely from these drills.

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