Best Biscuit Joiner Reviews

There are some factors you need to consider when you are looking for the best biscuit joiner. Biscuit joiners are known as one of the most innovative woodworking tools that you must purchase. If you are a serious woodworker, then finding the best joiner is a must. This tool is essential, and it should be included on your list if you want to build bigger things.

Best Biscuit Joiner – Our Top Picks

To help you find the best joiner, we have listed some best models which you can find on the market. Check our list below.

1. Lamello Top 21 800-Watt Biscuit Joiner

The first product we have here is the Lamello Top 21 800-watt Biscuit Joiner. It is one of the best biscuit joiners that you can find in the market. There are some reasons why this biscuit joiner is becoming more popular these days. It comes with the blade height adjustment feature which makes it a lot easier if you want to offset slots. Thanks to its adjuster, it allows you to cut the wider slots without using a specialty blade. Notice that the fence setup is the same as the classic x.

best biscuit joiner lamello top 21 800

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  • Height adjustable cutter.
  • Industry first CNC machined flush baseplate.
  • Soft start overload protection and speed control.
  • 800-Watt electronic smart motor.
  • Ability to do 0 to 135-Degree miters.
  • Stop Square mounts on machine base.

As we have mentioned earlier, it comes with the adjustable height cutter which is very useful for repeatable offset joints. It uses 800-watt electronic smart motor which comes with speed control and soft start overload.


  • It doesn’t produce a lot of noise.
  • It feels comfortable.


  • It is more expensive than the classic X.

2. Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set

The next model we have here is the Festool 574447. If you have used other Festool models, you may notice that the new model comes in a bigger size. Thanks to its size, it lets you make larger cuts for bigger projects. It is a high precision tool in which it can give you years of outstanding services. Let’s explore more about its technologies.

best biscuit joiner Festool 574447 XL DF 700

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This can be very helpful when we have a biscuit joiner which is specifically designed to work directly with the dust collection system. With this feature, you can save a lot of time. We know how frustrating it is when we have to deal with the dust that a biscuit joiner can make. Fortunately, the Festool domino joiner works directly with the dust collection system, allowing you to focus on the job.


  • Tenons up to 5-1/2- inch in length.
  • Indexing pins.
  • Includes optional trim and cross stops.
  • Mortise width adjustment with the turn of dial.


  • Portable.
  • It works directly with the dust collection system.
  • It offers unmatched precision and performance.

3. MAKITA 3901 Plate Joiner

The last model listed here is the MAKITA 3901 plate joiner. MAKITA is a good brand which is known for producing high-quality products. You can also expect the same for this plate joiner. Some features offered by this Makita plate joiner includes the rack and pinion adjustment which ensures accurate, repeatable settings for repetitive work. It is not only its vertical fence which comes with a rack and pinion system as it also comes with the adjustments which are protected with the cam locks.

best biscuit joiner Makita 3901 Plate Joiner

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The Best Biscuit Joiner with Six Different Preset Depth Settings

Another good thing we can expect from the MAKITA 3901 is that there are six different preset depth settings available. In addition, MAKITA also offers a feature which can protect the workpiece. A rubber strip is installed in the fence so that it can add more protection to the tool. Overall, this is one of the best biscuit joiners that you must consider if you are looking for a durable and reliable biscuit joiner.


  • Powerful 5.6 amp motor provides 10,000 rpm.
  • Large top-grip handle for comfort and control.
  • Precise rack-and-pinion vertical fence adjustment.
  • Six depth settings.
  • One-year warranty.


  • It comes with a powerful motor and the large top-grip handle.
  • It offers the shaft lock for easy blade changes.
  • The blade cover can be opened easily by loosening a single knob.

Final Words

Finding the best biscuit joiner is quite challenging. But don’t worry, you can trust the three models we have reviewed above as they offer great features and got positive reviews from many users.