Best Boot Knife Reviews

Best Boot Knife – There is nothing wrong in carrying some defensive tools when you are out for hiking, hunting, fishing, and also when you are moving in a dangerous area. All the military personnel carry a wide range of defensive tools when they move out to protect the country. Although you may not need all those tools, carrying the best boot knife would be a great idea.

The Best Boot Knife – Our Top Picks

The boot knife is not only required for defense, but it can also be quite helpful for many other tasks. You can use it to prepare a shelter in the woods, you can use it for cutting a wide range of objects, and it can also be used for preparing food on outdoor locations. The primary purpose of carrying the boot knife would always be the defense.

Though, it can also be used for a wide range of other tasks. You can get a wide range of options in boot knives. Buying the best boot knife would be a bit tougher. You will have to consider a wide range of things and that may take a long time. We have made this task easier for you by reviewing the best boot knives. Check the reviews to find an ideal tool for your needs.

 1. Smith & Wesson H.R.T. SWHRT9B 

best boot knife - Smith & Wesson H.R.T. SWHRT9B Full Tang Spear Point Fixed Blade Knife

Smith & Wesson is a renowned firearms manufacturer. It is an American brand that produces a wide range of firearms and now it is providing the H.R.T. SWHRT9B. This may be a bit weird for those, who use Smith & Wesson firearms. This boot knife is our top pick because of its sturdy construction and the use of high-quality material.

This dual edged knife offers steel blade, built from top quality carbon 7Cr17 stainless steel. You may say the blade looks quite appealing. That’s true because it is power coated black that makes the knife look quite appealing. There is no issue of sharpness and durability. You can easily sharpen the edge of the knife and maintain it for a long time.

You get a better grip because the handle is built from black rubber. Many users have bought this knife and they have reported that it is an easy to hold knife and quite easy to use. So, it can be the best book knife for you if you seek high-quality construction and a better performance.

2. Old Timer 162OT 

best boot knife - Old Timer 162OT Boot Knife Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

If you are not a big fan of modern knives and seeking a classic style knife, then consider the Old Timer’s 162OT Boot Knife. It is a durable choice as a boot knife because it is also built from 7Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel. It looks like a classic knife because it is not power coated.

We have kept it at the 2nd position because this knife is single-edge knife. The blade is quite tough and sharp enough to perform effectively in the woods. Some users have said that the knife does not remain sharp for a long time if used continuously for cutting objects. So, that is an issue that you may also face while you are using this knife. 

The full tang construction turns this knife into a durable choice. In addition, the classic style handle of the knife offers a perfect grip while you are using it. You will find it quite comfortable while using it and therefore you should consider it, if you are about to buy a boot knife.

3. Ka-Bar BK11

Some of you may say that BK11 is not a boot knife and you are true. However, it is our third top pick because it can be a great alternative to a boot knife. It is a solid knife that you can carry in your boots for defense. Unlike the previous two boot knives, this one is built from 1095 Cro-Van steel.

best boot knife - Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife

This knife features a single-edge blade that is sharp and quite durable. You can rely on this knife to cut some tough structures. It has a metal handle with 2 large and one small hole. You can fix your fingers in the handle and then use it more effectively. It can be the best boot knife for you, if you need a knife that can work as both neck knife and boot knife.

Final words

The three reviewed boot knives have received a huge response from the buyers. These are tough knives that can be used in all sorts’ conditions. So, you can easily pick the best one for your requirements.

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