Best Bug Zapper Reviews

Best Bug Zapper – Bugs and insects are everywhere. These are the creatures, which can survive in very hostile conditions and thrive quickly to cause the damage. Mosquitoes, black flies, termites, bed bugs, and biting midges are some common bugs that can cause a severe damage to you and your property.

The Best Bug Zapper – Our Top Picks

The bugs and insects continuously hover around the residential areas. Humans are like a soft target for them because it is quite difficult to catch and kill those bugs by hands. Therefore, you need some additional support to destroy all the irritating bugs and insects in a few minutes. It is necessary to exterminate the bugs because if you will not, then disease carrying bugs like flies and mosquitoes can also spoil the healthy atmosphere of your home.

You need the best bug zapper that can attract and kill flying insects within a few minutes. The bug zappers are renowned for reducing the number of bugs very quickly. This device can help you in enjoying your summer in style. So, let’s check the reviews to find out a perfect bug zapper for your home.

1. Flowtron Programmable Insect Killer

best bug zapper - Flowtron Programmable Insect Killer

If you are looking for the best bug zapper and don’t want to spend an expensive amount, consider the Flowtron Programmable Insect Killer. It is best to keep in the lawn, garage, and patio. It actually works everywhere and kills hundreds of bugs every day.

You can get this bug zapper in three different sizes. You can choose a model that is the best suited one for your property. This zapper has large size grills and therefore it can also accommodate some large insects. This bug zapper has steel rod construction that can kill numerous bugs at a time.

There would not be issues like clogging that occur when you use mesh-equipped bug zappers. You can program it to use whenever the bugs hover a lot around your property. Thus, you save extra energy and keep the bugs away from the living area.


  • It looks impressive.
  • You can easily replace the bulb.
  • It is equipped with a photocell timer that timely controls the actions of this bug zapper.


The metal frame of this unit may cause a simple shock otherwise everything is fine about this product.

2. Aspectek Indoor Insect Killer

best bug zapper - Aspectek Indoor Insect Killer

The indoor insects may have changed your thoughts regarding which are the most annoying insects to deal with. Although outdoor insects irritate when you have a light source around you, the indoor insects cause troubles 24-7. The Aspectek Indoor Insect Killer is the best to deal with insects that reside inside the property.

It is an ideal solution for spending summer nights calmly. This bug zapper will kill a huge number of insects continuously. It can attract and kill the bugs, which are hovering in the radius of 6,000 square feet. This bug zapper is equipped with a bright UV light source and a grid that gets charged, when you turn it on.

The UV light emitted by the light source attracts all kinds’ bugs and then kill them instantly. Although it is the best bug zapper for indoor use, you can also set it in the patio to kill outside hovering bugs.


  • It is a chemical-free bug zapper.
  • It is an easy to use unit.
  • Eye-catching.


The frame can cause shock and the cord is not grounded.

3. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat

Built especially to deal with life threatening mosquitoes, the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat is the best solution. Whether you live in a swamp or simply there are too many bugs in your area, use the FC-8800 to clean all the mosquitoes. It is a reliable solution for indoor and outdoor use.

best bug zapper - Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat

It can clear the bugs in the two acres radius outside the property and 1,200 square feet inside a property. Many restaurant owners and other business owners have bought and used this bug zapper. They have found it an effective bug killing device.


  • You can use it in both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • It kills bugs in a large area.
  • It is a powerful bug zapper.


Its large size and bright light may not seem appealing to all the users.

Final words

You simply cannot ignore irritating bugs, whether these are mosquitoes, flies, or other bugs. The best bug zapper offers a perfect solution for the insect problem. So, select any one from the reviewed bug zappers and you will get the solution for that irritating bug issue.

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