Best Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Best Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer – The airless paint sprayers have proven time and again that these devices can play a vital role in finishing both the large and small paint jobs quickly. You don’t even need a paintbrush while you have a feature-rich airless paint sprayer. Your paint job will finish faster and the paint will apply evenly on the targeted object.

The use of an airless paint sprayer becomes more important when you don’t have a whole day to finish the job. You can fill the paint in the sprayer and start painting.Some individuals think that it is risky to use the airless paint sprayer. There may be health risks if you are not using necessary precautions. You should use the goggles, a mask on your face, and you are out of the risk.

Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Campbell Hausfeld is renowned for producing the highest quality airless paint sprayers. It has introduced some great sprayers till the date, but you may not like to buy them all. So, check the reviews to choose the Best Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer

1. Campbell Hausfeld PS250B 

best campbell hausfeld airless paint sprayer - Campbell Hausfeld PS250B

When it comes to painting commercial and residential accessories effectively, the Campbell Hausfeld provides the best sprayers. Its sprayers are equipped with the TEFC electric motor and the PS250B is no exception.

This airless paint sprayer uses a diaphragm pump along with cartridge valves to help you in painting much easier. Its 0.05 type of HP motor is capable of delivering pressure up to 3000PSI and the flow will be maintained around 0.28GPM.

We consider it the Best Campbell Hausfeld Airless Paint Sprayer because you can use it at home and also in commercial places. Its 5-gallon capacity makes it an ideal choice for large painting projects. It is a portable airless paint sprayer that is durable enough to last for many years. So, you should consider it first when looking for the best airless paint sprayer. Its key features include:

  • Diaphragm pump
  • TEFC electric motor
  • Durable aluminum housing

It will become your reliable companion whenever you want to paint at home. So, buying it would be a beneficial deal.

2. Campbell Hausfeld HV2002 

The HV2002 easy paint sprayer is the best suited airless paint sprayer for commercial painting jobs. It would also be an ideal choice for the residential projects, but Campbell Hausfeld has designed it especially for the professionals. You get a 15-feet hose with this paint sprayer that helps you in spraying a larger section of the targeted object.

best campbell hausfeld airless paint sprayer - Campbell Hausfeld HV2002 

It is equipped with a metal spray gun that allows the user to adjust the pressure of the paint flow. You can spray the paint evenly on the targeted object without missing a spot. There is no chance of leakage or overflow because its two-stage powerful turbine prevents such conditions while you are using this sprayer.

The HV2002 does not have any container. Means, it does not compress the air before you release it with paint. It is quite lightweight and its quiet operation makes it an ideal painting device for the professionals. The HV2002 requires 120V power supply to operate, which you can find on any job site. Its key features include the following:

  • Equipped with a two-stage turbine motor and a metal spray gun.
  • It is a lightweight paint sprayer that operates quietly.

It is certainly the best Campbell Hausfeld airless paint sprayer for you if perform painting jobs at the commercial places.

3. Campbell Hausfeld DH580000AV

best campbell hausfeld airless paint sprayer - Campbell Hausfeld DH580000AV

Another great Campbell Hausfeld airless paint sprayer in this list is the DH580000AV Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer. The experts call it the paint sprayer for painting wooden furnitures, metal objects, and other painting applications.

This paint sprayer would be an ideal choice for you if you want to prevent over spraying and the wastage of paint. Its aluminum housing is robust and you can easily clean the paint stains after finishing the job. You can store up to 20-ounce paint at a time in this sprayer. The 1.4mm spray tip is ideal that enhances the overall performance of this sprayer.

When it comes to high volume spraying, the DH580000AV is an ideal choice. It does not weigh too much but performs the best job in low-pressure involvements.

Final words

Campbell Hausfeld has produced some great airless paint sprayers and the reviewed three paint sprayers are the best from this company. You should consider all their features and then decide which one you are going to buy now.

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