Best Car Scratch Remover Reviews

Best Car Scratch Remover – Whether you have a brand new car or the one that looks as good as new, even the smallest of scratches can affect its appearance by a great degree. However, these are no longer a reason to get disheartened. You can easily get hold of the best car scratch remover in the market to get back that flawless exterior without any hassle.

The Best Car Scratch Remover – Our Top Picks

Given below are the reviews for three best car scratch remover products that offer a solution to every scratched car problems.

1. Mothers 08408 California Gold Scratch Remover

This is one product that takes all the cleaning, waxing and polishing needs of your car. It has been formulated so as to improve the shine of your vehicle’s surface making it look as good as new. It is the one-stop solution for all types of surfaces. You will fall in love with this product the moment you start using it.

Whether it is just a tiny key scratch or a fingernail scratch, this gold scratch remover has you covered at all times. It gives an amazing luster just like magic. Furthermore, it can be used for all types of paints and finishes. The product is a well-known brand and has received very positive reviews so far.

best car scratch remover - Mothers 08408

This car scratch comes with its own special kit which makes the application process a lot easier. No complicated equipment is required. All you need is a terrycloth or a microfiber towel and a foam. Use this to apply the product evenly over the car surface before wiping it vigorously.

This will thoroughly clean the surface while also giving it an impeccable, well-polished look. The results get even better if you follow this up with a good coat of waxing. The product is not only designed for scratches but also for regular everyday use. It is highly effective in removing all types of grime, dirt and polishing even the deepest of scratches with much ease.


  • Works great on basecoat scratches.
  • Covers up deep scratches, making them look more even.


  • Does not come with the kits required for cleaning.

2. 3M 39087 scratch and scuff removal kit

This product has all the things that you want out of your car scratch remover. It comes together with an all-inclusive kit for car repair. It fixes up both the minor and medium type of scratches, making the surfaces look as good as new. If the scratch is very deep, it restores it to an even finish making them less noticeable.

The items included in the kit are a scratch remover, foam pad, abrasive square and a rubbing compound. It can be used for water spots, swirl marks, mild to moderate scratches and almost all types of blemishes on the surface of your car, thereby improving the appearance of the surface by a great degree.

best car scratch remover - 3M 39087

The product uses simple compounds that handle the required job without causing any damage to the surface. If the scratches are of a deeper level, you will be required to use a wet sanding paper followed by a foam polishing. This will cover all the hideous marks on the car surface. The product is absolutely perfect for small day to day scratches that are unavoidable with regular driving.

Before making this scratch removal kit, make sure that the area you are using it over has been thoroughly cleaned. This will make sure that no further damages are caused by the remaining dirt and grime. It has a proven effectiveness and is highly recommended for regular use.


  • The entire cleaning kit is included with the product.
  • Removes all types of blemishes and scratches with absolute ease.


  • Does not fully cover up the deep scratches.

3. Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate compound

best car scratch remover - Meguiar’s G17216

Meguiar is the ultimate name when it comes to car cleaning and restoring products. This particular product does not have any abrasive compounds that can weaken the surface with time. It is perfect for removing water spots, stains, blemishes on the top level and etchings left by bird droppings. However, since this product does not cause the outer layer to wear off, it may not be suited for deeper cuts. Apart from that, it is perfect for restoring the shine on your car.


  • Works for basecoat scratches.
  • Excellent stain and blemish removal.


  • Cleaning pads and brushes not included.


Sometimes, the scratches can occur even when you have been taking extra precautions not to damage the glistening exterior. For example, if there is a rock hidden inside the cleaning rag/sponge. The products listed above are the best in the category of best car scratch remover. Hence, the unavoidable scratches and blemishes are no longer a reason for concern.

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