Best Cobalt Drill Bits Review

Best Cobalt Drill Bits – Cobalt drill bits are made from an alloy containing cobalt and steel. Of the total composition, 5 to 8 % is cobalt. This makes the drills highly resistant to high temperature especially while drilling through cast iron and stainless steel. Therefore, instead of opting for a cobalt coating, it is more advisable to go for a cobalt alloy, especially if your work consists of drilling through metals more frequently. The prices may be a bit higher. However, you will get hold of the best cobalt drill bits that will last for years to come.

Best Cobalt Drill Bits – Our Top Picks

Given below are reviews for three products from the category of best cobalt drill bits.

1. Dewalt DW1263 14 piece cobalt pilot point drill bit set

This is a set of high precision cobalt drill bits bearing an industrial strength. It is a great option for people who are required to work with a wide range of drills on a regular basis. Each of the bits features a pilot point tip that allows you to make clean holes of a certain fixed size. As compared to the regular drills, the risk for lockups is greatly reduced with these drill bits. The set contains a total of fourteen bits, all of which bear an industrial strength. Being made out of ABS materials of industrial grade, these bits are highly durable and give a very long lasting.

best cobalt drill bits - DEWALT DW1263

The bits measure between 1/16th of an inch to 3/8th inch. They are well equipped for drilling through stainless steel as well as other metals. The wide collection covers the requirements of almost all the professionals. Since they are made from cobalt alloy, you also do not have to worry about them wearing out. The drills can handle boring into even the densest of materials with great ease. It is a worthy investment that will last you for many years.


  • Great option for professionals.
  • Includes bits of varying sizes.
  • Allows you to make precise, clean holes.
  • Highly durable.


  • The tip starts wearing out very early, especially on the smaller ones.
  • The thinner one may start denting sooner than expected.

2. Drill America DWD 29J CO PC drill bit set

The drill bits included in this set are highly resistant to wear and tear. They also resist heating while bringing through hard and dense materials. The bits are coated with a gold oxide that offers them an excellent heat resistance while also allowing for self-lubrication. They do not suffer any damage eve while boring through the most abrasive of materials.

best cobalt drill bits - Drill America DWD29J

Each bit has a cutting angle of 135 degrees. These are self-centering split points. Pilot holes are not required and small chips may be created during the process of drilling. This is actually helpful as it reduces the chances of clogging. The set contains a total of twenty-nine drill bits, all of which are indexed with their respective measurements for the ease of use and are enclosed within a casing made from plastic. The sizes range from 1/16 inch to ½ inch and have come in an increment of 1/64 inch.

The drill nits come with a rounded shank which makes them compatible with a large number of chucks. The set also includes Jobber length bits that offer an excellent reach and balance, making them suitable for a wide range of projects. Furthermore, they can be used over all types of surfaces without any risk for damages.


  • Gold oxide coating.
  • 29 drill bits.


  • They may not be very efficient at drilling out small screws.

3. Bosch 21 piece cobalt twist drill bits

These are highly durable and well-crafted bits, perfect to be used at homes, for crafting and construction. These are designed especially to be used on hard surfaces. They are highly resistant towards heating and can easily withstand temperatures of up to 1100 Fahrenheit. They also have an impressive hardness of 66 to 68 HRC.

best cobalt drill bits - Bosch CO21

The drills feature a broad helix web design that gives them a high degree of efficiency. Since these bits have a spit point, there isn’t any need for a center punch. Furthermore, you also do not have to deal with problems such as slipping and skidding during the drilling process. There is a total of 21 drill bit in the set and all of them are capable of handling all types of drilling jobs with great ease.


  • Impressive hardness.
  • Highly heat resistant.
  • Do not pull out easily.
  • Center punching not required.


  • They work well with wood. However, if you want to last them for a long time, it is advisable not to use them on metal.
  • They may bend while drilling through hard material.


Getting hold of the best cobalt drill bits means that you will not have to replace them for years to come. The drill bit sets that have been reviewed above are highly durable ones, strong enough for drilling through the densest and the hardest of materials with great ease and efficiency. This will definitely help make your purchase a lot easier.

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