Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews

Best Contractor Table Saw – Table saws are a great piece of equipment for professionals who handle wood on a day to day basis. It makes your projects much easier and quicker. All of them may not be portable owing to their hefty weight. However, the power they offer is definitely something to take note of.

The Best Contractor Table Saw – Our Top Picks

The best contractor table saw can help you take care of a number of things such as the installation of laminate, cutting large wooden blocks, fine-tuning beams and much more. Three products from the category of best contractor table saw have been carefully handpicked and reviewed below to help you with the purchase.


This model is simply great when it comes to accuracy, speed, and smoothness. It is a great recommendation for professionals as well as amateurs. It is very powerful and helps you cut through even the hardest of wood such as maple with much ease and convenience. Just make sure that you closely follow all the necessary instructions while using this table saw.

best contractor table saw - DEWALT DWE7491RS

As far as the design is concerned, the product is okay. It comes with attached wheels making it easier to transport it from one spot to the other with ease. However, it should be noted that this is a powerful unit and therefore vibrates quite a lot thereby giving rise to stability issues. This can not only affect your performance but also your safety.

It features a 15 amp motor that allows you to cut rough and dense woods of various densities. It also has a great dust collecting capability. It is connected to a vacuum that collects all the wood debris, keeping your work area clean and dust free.


  • Sturdy built.
  • Resistant to physical impacts.
  • Carries an affordable price tag.
  • Keeps the work area clean.


  • May give rise to stability problems.

2. Makita 2705

best contractor table saw - Makita 2705

Makita has been producing a highly powerful tool for woodwork since a very long time. Due to their reasonable price tags, they are also affordable to a large section of people. The same has been maintained with this product as well. The Makita 2705 table saw comes in a great quality and is easily affordable.

It uses a 15 amp motor and is capable of offering up to 4800 RPM. This makes it possible to cut through any piece of wood without any hassle.  Even the densest of wood is cut in just a single pass. Furthermore, there are modular blade guards that allow for an easy measuring.

As is obvious, this is a highly versatile table saw with a very satisfactory rating. It is stable, features a blade guard and anti-kickback mechanism, all of which allow you to work with great confidence. It is also very precise and accurate. You can cut the wood without any deviations. However, it should be noted that if the sawdust happens to enter the rails, you might face some accuracy issues. But if you maintain it free of debris and dirt, it will provide an excellent performance.


  • Accurate.
  • Powerful.
  • Versatile.
  • Affordable.


  • Carries 82 pounds which is quite a very hefty weight.

3. Rockwell RK7241S

This is a heavy duty and versatile table wood saw that offer an attractive cutting depth. It has a folding fence which makes extra wide cuts a cakewalk. The machine is especially great for contractors dealing with a number of different wood projects. Although the stability could be a little better, here have been absolutely no complaints about it so far.

best contractor table saw - Rockwell RK7241S

One of the best things about this model is that it comes with a laser indicator which makes it easy to adjust the blades. This also helps you save a lot more time as compared to the other indicators. You can go through your work with an increased amount of accuracy.

The table also comes together with a dust collecting bag, although it gets full too quickly. Another great advantage of this model is the affordable price. It is cheaper than its competitors while offering the same performance.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Dust collecting bag.
  • Good cutting depth.
  • Accurate.
  • Versatile


  • Has metal legs that are thin and weak.
  • Could be a little more stable.


When you have the best contractor table saw, you can deal with a large number of wood projects with much ease. These wood saws can help you cut through any piece of wood like a piece of cake. Furthermore, they also have very high safety ratings and are great for both the professionals as well as amateurs.

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