Best Corded Drill Reviews

Best Corded Drill Reviews – The electric drills are used by many professionals who work as carpenters, contractors, and handymen.

The two popular options you get in electric drills are corded drills and cordless drills. Although both types’ drills are useful in different circumstance, the corded drills seem more useful because of its features.

Best Corded Drill Reviews – Our Top Picks

The corded drills are lightweight because no batteries are fixed inside. The fixed cost of corded drills (excluding bits and drivers) makes them affordable.

The drill will work continuously until there is a power supply. You can use corded drills for many different tasks, including drilling, mixing paint, running wire brushes, running car polisher buffers, and so on. High torque and power of corded drills make them more useful.

Finding the best corded drill can be a tough task, hence you will have to check various things before you buy it. The drill should work on various materials like masonry, wood, metals, etc.

It can be a bit confusing to select the best drill. Therefore the below reviewed best corded drills can shortlist your search to the best corded drills available in the market.

1. Makita HR2475 Rotary Hammer

If you are looking for a corded drill with less vibration, a hard hitting performance, and more usability, the Makita HR2475 Rotary Hammer is a considerable choice. This corded drill is widely used by electricians, masons, renovators, carpenters, and remodelers for its versatility.

It can effectively and quickly drill in concrete. Its cutting-edge technology makes it a superior drilling tool for many users. A 7 AMP motor of this drill offers a no-load speed of 0-1,100 RPM, which is simply amazing. You can operate this drill in three different ways, hammer only, rotation only, and rotation with a hammer.

best corded drill - Makita HR2475 Rotary Hammer


  • You can use it on multiple materials.
  • It is powerful and it drills quite fast in comparison to other drills.
  • It is an easy to handle that you get with a promise of great performance.
  • Three different operational modes make it the best corded drill in the list.


  • Some users have reported that it is not as fast as other leading corded drill models available in the market.


best corded drill - DEWALT DW130V

When it comes to performing rugged jobs that require high torque, a cordless drill can never meet your demands. The DEWALT DW130V is built especially to handle such jobs in which you need to apply downward pressure. This drill is equipped with two handles.

A side handle that you can set in three different positions and another is rear handle that you can set in two different positions. These adjustable handles make job a lot easier and thus you can quickly finish many tough drilling jobs within a few minutes. This drill’s motor can produce up to 500 RPM torque that would be necessary for rugged jobs.


  • It is one of the best corded drills for completing high torque jobs.
  • The variable speed feature allows you to run the drill at different speeds.
  • It can easily drill in hard materials.
  • No chance of air bubbles.
  • It is an easy to operate drilling tool due to adjustable side and rear handles.


  • It may take some extra time to change the bits.

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3. Makita DS4011 Drill

Designed to offer a better drilling and mixing performance and equipped with a powerful 8.5 AMP motor, the Makita DS4011 Drill is one of the best in the corded drills. It is a lightweight drill that produces 600 RPM torque. Drilling large holes would be quite simple by using this corded drill.

You can use this drill in multiple positions according to the job’s requirement. It is a durable and powerful corded drill that will enhance your workability and performance.

best corded drill - Makita HR2475 Rotary Hammer


  • A reliable tool for handling high torque tasks.
  • You can change the speed by using a switch to finish the job in the best possible way.
  • It is one of the best drills that you can use to drill in hard materials.
  • This drill weighs only 6.3lbs and therefore you can use it for a long time without getting tired.


  • Changing bits would be a bit troubling and slower.

Final words

Although you can find many other options, the above reviewed drills are chosen by the most of the buyers. One of these drills can be the best corded drill for many drilling jobs. You should consider all the features and drawbacks to assure you will invest in the most useful product for your work.

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