Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer – People wish to plant some beautiful plants around their property to improve the charm of the exterior. These aesthetical plants grow quite fast and these plants can lose their impressive shape. You will have to trim the plants time and again so that those plants can look beautiful and attractive.

The hedge shears are used widely by people across the globe for trimming the plants. The hedge shears are hand operated tools that require extra efforts and good trimming skills. You may need to spend the whole vacation in trimming the plants, if you are relying upon the hedge shears.

The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Our Top Picks

There is a less time-consuming and more efficient way through which you can trim all the plants faster. You should use the best cordless hedge trimmer to trim your plants. The cordless hedge trimmers help you in shaping the plants perfectly without getting exhausted. We have reviewed the best cordless hedge trimmers, which you can buy today. Check the reviews to find out which hedge trimmer can be a helpful hedge trimming tool for you.


best cordless hedge trimmer - BLACK+DECKER LHT2220 22-Inch 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer


When it comes to changing the overall look of the garden, you cannot depend on an ordinary trimming tool. You need the Black and Decker LHT2220 that can improve a complete look of your garden and help you in making it a beautiful place to live around. There are several things that make this tool our top pick.

It is equipped with a 20V lithium ion battery and the manufacturer assures a long battery life for a long trimming job. Fully charge the battery and this hedge trimmer is ready for a long run. The blades are quite wide and therefore you would be able to cut and trim some tough branches easily.

The blades will not vibrate too much and therefore you can keep the trimmer in a perfect position while creating a critical shape. Other features like wraparound handle, durable construction, and quality performance make this device the best cordless hedge trimmer.

2. Black & Decker NHT2218

The NHT2218 is another great power tool from the same brand. It is a heavy trimming tool, suitable for trimming a large area in the least possible time. This trimming tool is famous among the gardeners, who work to maintain large lawns and gardens around the commercial properties.

You don’t need to be a commercialist if you want this hedge trimmer. Hedge trimming would be pretty safe and handy job for you if you use this tool. While other hedge trimmers are offering medium sized blades, this hedge trimmer offers a 22” long dual action blade.

best cordless hedge trimmer - Black & Decker NHT2218 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This blade can easily cut thick hedges and trim twigs quite faster. When it comes to the power, this power tool is equipped with the NiCad rechargeable battery. This battery can hold up to 18V in one charge and operate consistently for a long time.

You can trim 25002 feet in a charge and that’s why it is an appealing choice. The additional features include sturdy grip, lightweight construction, and ability of cutting all types of shapes. So, you must consider it while looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer.

3. WORX WG800.1 

best cordless hedge trimmer - WORX WG800.1 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear or Hedge Trimmer

Finally, there is a new brand that produces high-quality gardening tools and power tools. WORX is popular for its tools in China and America, and it is also supplying its tools in other countries. When it comes to WG800.1, it is a versatile tool. It can work as a shear if you want to shed extra grown grass.

It can also turn into an effective hedge trimmer, if you want to trim hedges and plants. You can operate this hedge trimmer by one hand. Its over-mold handle makes it an easy to use tool. In addition, its Li-Ion battery stores enough charge to run this tool continuously for a long time.

This hedge trimmer is suitable for trimming hedges and grass in a small garden or lawn. You should consider the previous two hedge trimmers, if you want a long cutting blade and longer battery life.

Final words

The hedge trimmers are quite useful. These tools are quite popular among homeowners, who care about the exterior charm of their property. You are one of those individuals and therefore you should buy one of the reviewed products to get the best results without spending an expensive amount.

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