Best Drill Bits For Steel Reviews

Best Drill Bits For Steel – Most of the people now know that it is possible to drill in steel and other hard metals. It is a tough task to do and you need to find an appropriate tool that can drill within a few seconds without wasting a lot of power. The modern hand operated electric drills are used to create holes and threads in steel sheets and other hard materials.

Best Drill Bits for Steel – Our Top Picks

Although it requires a powerful motor that can produce enough torque, the drilling bits also play a vital role. In fact, these are the bits that allow you to penetrate into hardest materials like steel, concrete, and other hard metals. You should know about the best drill bits for steel so that you can finish the drilling work within the shortest possible time.

The manufacturers produce different bits to work on different materials. Continue reading to reveal which are the best drill bits to work on steel and other tough materials. These reviews will guide you in buying the best bits for your task.

1. DEWALT DW1361 

best drill bits for steel - DEWALT DW1361 

Dewalt has renowned for supplying a huge range of power tools and hand tools, which are used by millions of professionals in different industries. The DW1361 Pilot Point Drill Bit Set is designed to provide the user with every bit that he may need while drilling in hard materials like steel.

The manufacturer understands that a bit can drill in steel only if it is built from a material which is harder and tougher than steel. You get a set of 12 titanium pilot point equipped bits that can easily drill in steel.

It is obvious that there would be very high temperatures while you will drill in steel and other hard materials. The Dewalt drills can drill efficiently without getting affected by high temperatures.


  • All the 12 bits are equipped with titanium pilot point to increase the life of every bit in this set.
  • These drills create cleaner holes than other bits.
  • Quite durable due to the use of tapered web.
  • No spin shanks.


  • Some users have reported that these are not premiere drill bits because of short life span while working on tough materials.


2. Neiko Super-Hard 13 Pcs 

best drill bits for steel - Neiko Super-Hard 13 Pcs 

Now is the time to consider a bit set, which is more affordable and reliable than many other drill bit sets for steel. The Neiko Super hard drill bit set offers you 13 drills of different size. Although hardened steel is considered a very tough material, the Neiko Super Hard drills can also drill in hardened steel.

The manufacturer is providing this drill set in a metal box to help you in keeping all the drills clean and ready for drilling job. Many users might be thinking that the Neiko drill bit set would cost an expensive price, hence it promises to last longer than drill bits of many other popular brands.

It will not cost an expensive price and you will get 13 tough drills at only $10. The price is quite affordable and Neiko has lured many users towards its drill bit quality.


  • The Neiko Super Hard drill bits are purchasable as the best drill bits for steel at affordable prices.
  • Best drill bit for you, if you regularly work on steel and other hard materials. You will save your bucks and get the job done.


  • These are medium sized bits and some buyers have demanded drill bits in longer sizes.

3. Irwin Industrial Tools 63221 

best drill bits for steel - Irwin Industrial Tools 63221 

If money is not an issue for you, then spend your money for the Irwin Industrial Tools 63221 Cobalt Metal Index Drill Bit Set. You will by this drill bit set for once and drill in the toughest materials for a long time.

These cobalt drill bits are designed to last longer than many other tough drill bits. It is the best drill bits for steel, even if you use the drill bits on a regular basis. These robust bits are best for finishing the drilling job within a few seconds without facing any trouble.


  • Durable enough to last for a long time.
  • Chosen by numerous professionals for the quality and performance.


  • Costs more expensive price than the above reviewed two bit sets.

Final words

It is never easy to drill in the steel, especially when you are using poor quality drill bits. Say not to those drill bits and select the best drill bits for steel from the reviewed products.

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