Best Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

When you have the best electric leaf blower in hand, cleaning the patio, yard and sidewalk will become much easier.

Having trees in your garden and backyard may look pleasant and beautiful. However, cleaning out the fallen leaves can be backbreaking work. Thankfully, there are electric leaf blowers to make this task a lot easier. They function exactly as opposite to the vacuums. While the vacuums use suction to draw in the dirt, blowers use powerfully channelized air streams for blowing the leaves and debris in the desired direction.

The Best Electric Leaf Blower – Our Top Picks

Given below are the reviews for the three best electric leaf blower models, to make your shopping easier.


best electric leaf blower - DEWALT DCBL720P1

This one of the best electric leaf blower models on the market and comes with a 400CFM. The speed offered by this electric leaf blower is 90 mph. This may seem a bit too low for some people. However, the large spacious tubes used in the blower compensates well for its somewhat low-speed rating.

The blower is capable of efficiently pushing away all the debris and dried leaves irrespective of whether you are using it over grassy lawns or smooth stone floors. Another great thing about the blower is that despite the fact that it has a 20V battery fitted into it, it is quite easy to carry around.

The lightweight and portability of the blower make it very convenient for all users. The battery has a long life and allows for an uninterrupted runtime of 20 minutes in full throttle. This can be more than enough for small to medium sized lawns. Furthermore, the blower has an ergonomic design and is a great addition to all suburban homes


  • Good battery.


  • Batteries may take a long time to recharge.
  • Batteries are highly expensive.

2. Greenworks 24012

The CFM with this one is not as huge as was seen in the first unit. It comes in a decent size and offers a speed of 160 mph together with a 150 CFM. This is made possible with the help of a highly powerful motor and a long blower inch measuring almost 20 inches long. The blower tube can also be taken off into separate pieces before storing.

best electric leaf blower - Greenworks 24012 7 Amp

Furthermore, the blower is very lightweight, which makes it highly convenient for people with wrist and back problems. You will be able to accomplish quite a lot in no amount of time and without getting the least bit exhausted. This is not a cordless blower like the GreenWorks Pro. However, it comes with a very long cord, so you can easily carry it to any corner you want.

The blower also features a cord lock feature that keeps the cord together as you move around the entire area. This ensures that you do not have to deal with any tangled wires later on. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic handle and a neutral design. This makes this the best electric leaf blower for cleaning your driveways and yards.


  • Does not give out any harmful emissions
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Lightweight, so that you do not hurt yourself during the cleaning


  • The force of blowing is not highly effective


best electric leaf blower - EGO Power+ 480

This is a great challenger to the Green works’ electric blower. It comes with a capacity of 480 CFM and does an excellent job of clearing things such as debris, leaves, twigs and water, all with the same amount of ease. It has a very wide exhaust tube which makes it possible for the machine to blow out a large amount of air. Due to this feature, the machine can also be used for drying patios and cars.

The battery used with the EGO POWER is rather small and lightweight. However, it is more than sufficient for small sized lawns. It does not take any more than 30 minutes for charging. The machine blows out at a slower speed, but for a longer period of time.

If you want longer battery life, you can also use the battery from the EGO lawn-mower. It is compatible with the leaf blower and lasts for a longer period of time. You can always opt for this high powered alternative instead of remaining stuck with the default battery. This product is undoubtedly the best for all medium sized homes and yards.


  • Impressive air force.
  • Covers a large area.
  • Easy to use.


  • Short battery life.


Although there are a large number of electric leaf blowers you can choose from, you should always keep your personal requirements such as lawn size and budget in mind. These best electric leaf blower models have been selected with great care and should help you with shortlisting the choices.

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