Best Engine Degreaser Reviews

Best Engine Degreaser – Engine degreasers are a necessary inclusion in the toolbox of all vehicle owners. With this simple product, you can keep your car engine clean at all times without having to spend a huge chunk on professional servicing. It should be noted that the best engine degreaser does not have the most expensive.

Best Engine Degreaser – Our Top Picks

There are many cost-effective products that help in maintaining the product quality while also increasing the longevity of the engine by a great amount. Given below are the reviews on three best products that lie in the category of best engine degreaser.


This is one of the most efficient among all the engine degreasers available in the market. It is being marketed for a period of more than 55 years. The best thing about GUNK EB1 is that it gives results in a very short span of time. You can simply leave it on for 15 minutes before you clean them off and your car surface will be as good as new.

best engine degreaser - GUNK EB1

One of the main reasons for the effectiveness of the degreaser is that it has very powerful solvents. This dissolves the layer of dirt thereby making it much easier to clean them off. It works equally well on vehicles that receive a regular cleaning or those that have not been cleaned in ages. Therefore, this product is especially great for people who may not have the interest of vehicle every day. The degreaser can easily remove months of grime and dirt in absolutely no time.

Using the degreaser is very easy. You just have to spread it over the desired areas, let it sit for 15 minutes and then have it washed off. However, it does give off a very strong smell. So if you want a clean engine, you will have to put up with it.


  • Works quickly
  • Powerful cleaner
  • Available at a cheap price


  • Has a very strong smell

2. Meguiar’s Degreaser

best engine degreaser - Meguiars D15601

This product is especially great for people who find it difficult to bear with the strong smell of other degreasers. This one, in particular, is fragrant and comes with a herbal aroma. The smell can be soothing while also making the cleaning process much easier. you will definitely not feel the need to shower as soon as you are done cleaning your car.

Most degreasers leave behind a white residue on plastic trims. It usually takes a very long time to clean this off. However, this product leaves behind a clear residue instead of a white. It can also be easily removed by wiping.

When it comes to the performance, this degreaser is highly satisfying. It is capable of cleaning bulks of dirt and grease in no time. Furthermore, the cleaning process is very easy. You just have to apply it to the spots that need to be cleaned and wipe them off after a few minutes.


  • Soothing aroma
  • Does not leave behind white residues like other degreasers
  • Very effective in cleaning accumulated dirt


  • Does not last long

3. Justice Brothers

This degreaser comes in a spray can and is therefore very easy to use. You can even carry this around in your car during long trips on the road. The product doubles up as a degreaser and a cleaner, thereby saving you the hassle of having to purchase multiple products.

best engine degreaser - JB Engine Degreaser

The cleaner has a thick consistency that allows for an effective emulsification of the dirt. It is also very effective in cleaning the dirt out of rims and tires. The best part, however, is that you do not have to wait for a long time before washing it off. You can let it stay for just 30 minutes and wipe it off. This is enough to remove all the dirt that has accumulated over the surface of the car. Enough the most stubborn of dirt does not take any more than 1 minute.

If you find it difficult to wipe the degreaser from tricky areas such as wheels, you can also use a hose to wash it off. Although it is best not to use the cleaner on aluminum surfaces, it does not lead to any staining even if you do.


  • It is a highly versatile cleaner.
  • Works quickly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not contain anything highly toxic.


  • Not recommended for cleaning on aluminum surfaces.


Customers looking for the best engine degreaser should definitely consider these products. They can be used not only with cars but also on floors, asphalt driveways, stovetops, bbq grill and much more. Hope the review helps you make a better decision.

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