Best Heat Gun Reviews

Best Heat Gun – Some may think that heat gun is a sci-fi weapon, but it is actually a power tool. It is a very useful power tool that you can use in various types of home repair works. Whether you want to soften the old paint, shrink films, or remove putty, the heat gun is an efficient power tool for performing all these jobs.

It may seem like a hair dryer, but it produces and blows heat on a targeted surface. You can rely on the heat gun to remove all types of adhesives, which can include the stickers, glues, and bumper stickers. This tool weighs only a few pounds, but it is very useful and everyone should have a heat gun at home.

The Best Heat Gun – Our Top Picks

You can also remove old and rusty bolts and thaw frozen pipes if you own the best heat gun. Many pros also keep this tool in their tool kit to dry damp wood, shrink tubing, and mend plastic. All in all, it is a tool that has many uses.

Hence, the demands for high-quality heat guns are increasing day by day, a number of power tool brands are producing it. There would be so many options and therefore buying the best tool would be a bit difficult. You should check the reviews to find and buy a perfect heat gun for your uses.

1. Black & Decker Dual Temperature 


If you are looking for a top quality heat gun, the Black & Decker Dual temperature is that tool you need. It is built from the best quality materials and this heat guns meets all the required performance standards. Its dual temperature feature makes it a more amazing power tool.

best heat gun - Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun

You can easily control the temperature of this tool and therefore it is a reliable tool to keep at home. You may not need a high temperature for stripping or shrinking in the DIY projects. Therefore, you would find Black & Decker heat gun the best tool for your demands. 

However, the manufacturer is promoting it as an ideal tool for general DIY project. You can also rely on this heat gun for professional-grade work. You can conveniently hold it in one hand and use it at any required angle. It cools down pretty quickly and therefore you won’t need to wait for a long time to store it in your tool kit.

2. DEWALT D26960K

best heat gun - DEWALT D26960K


Dewalt has built this professional-grade heat gun to handle all kinds of heavy-duty jobs. This heat gun is capable of getting hotter up to 1,000 degrees, which is quite amazing for a small size power tool. Therefore, it seems a perfect option for heavy-duty projects like welding plastic, stripping the paint of the whole house, and thawing frozen pipes.

Though, you will have to use it carefully because of its heating capacity. You should never allow your kids to play with this tool. It is not a perfect tool for the casual DIY hobbyists. It is designed for the pros and DIYers should buy it, if they need professional-level quality while heating the objects. We consider it the best heat gun not only because of its heating capacity, but also because of its price.

It is surprisingly economical. The credit goes to Dewalt, which has always offered people with cost-effective and high-quality power tools. The only thing that turns it into our second choice is its heating capability. You will have to protect your hands while you are using this tool. Using it bare handed can be hazardous for you.

3. Drill Master Dual Temperature 


This heat gun is an ideal heating tool for all the DIYers and occasional users. It is an economical tool that you would like to have in your toolkit. Yes, you can adjust the heat output and generate the heat up to 1,112 degrees.

best heat gun - Drill Master Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Though its heating capacity is more than what the maximum DIYers may require, still the heat adjustment feature makes it an ideal choice for all. The professional technicians and repairmen can also try it, if they want to save some bucks and buy a reliable power tool.  

Final words

The heat guns make tough jobs pretty simple. The modern technicians and repairmen carry the best heat gun with other tools because they know that this tool can make repair work a lot simpler. It is also a great power tool to have at home for DIY repair jobs and household craftworks. The reviewed heat guns are cost-effective and feature-rich and therefore you can trust our selection for the best quality and performance.  

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