Best Impact Driver Reviews

Best Impact Driver – It is quite tough to decide that an impact driver is better or a drill is better. Both are similar power tools, but the driving power and torque of the impact drivers make them more impressive than the drills. If you think only the professionals need an impact driver to finish the job, then rethink about it.

The DIY hobbyists also work on many DIY projects in which the impact driver can be more helpful than a drill. You should search for the best impact driver that can meet all your work demands related to fastening or loosening nuts and bolts, and also drilling holes in new objects like furniture and walls.

The Best Impact Driver – Our Top Picks

You need a reliable power tool that can meet all your work demands. Even though many impact drivers available in the market, finding the best would be a daunting task. We have made it easier for you by reviewing the best impact drivers available in the market today. Let’s check the reviews to reveal why you should consider these impact drivers, if you want to buy one now.

1. Makita XT260 

When it comes to offering a great combination of cordless power tools in one pack, Makita offers the best solution. The Makita XT260 offers a great combination of a cordless impact driver and cordless driver-drill. You don’t need to buy both of these power tools separately because Makita is offering both power tools’ feature in a single pack.

Therefore, its price also seems quite reasonable. The Lithium-ion battery supplies enough power to run this power tool a whole day. Many pros and DIYers have bought this power tool and they are impressed with the battery performance.

best impact driver - Makita XT260

If we discuss the features of XT260  as an impact driver, it offers a variable speed between 0 to 2300 RPM and 0 to 3200 IPM. Its 4-pole motor improves its performance by delivering the maximum torque of 1420lbs. It would be pretty easy to hold and operate the driver.

It is a compact power tool that you can easily carry along with many other tools in your toolkit. This impact driver is our first choice and you will also find it the best impact driver, if you compare its features with other impact drivers.

2. Bosch PS41-2A 

best impact driver - Bosch PS41-2A

It is very difficult to find a compact size, power tool that costs an affordable price and belongs to a reputable brand. Consider the PS41-2A, which is designed and produced by Bosch. Many professionals use this impact driver and recommend it as a reliable tool for heavy and light jobs. It costs a very reasonable price for the features it offers.

The PS41-2A is powered by a powerful motor that produces the maximum torque of 930 in. lbs. It produces speed up to 2600RPM and that is also impressive, especially when you want to finish some heavy drilling, fastening, and loosening jobs quickly. It is a reliable tool for all types’ driving needs.

Along with powerful motor and a powerful battery, Bosch has equipped this power tool with many other features. It will remain stable run smoothly, regardless of the type of material. It can drill faster and the impact force would be simply awesome. So, you can consider this power tool if you want to save some bucks and buy a high-quality product.


The buyers have always praised the performance of the power tools produced by Dewalt. The DCK280C2 is also a great combination of a cordless power drill and impact driver. Although its price is not too expensive, it can belong to anybody who likes to drill and repair mechanical applications.It costs the lowest price, if you compare the costs of all three impact drivers.

best impact driver - DEWALT DCK280C2

In addition, it can work efficiently as a drill, driver, and impact driver. It has a powerful motor that generates enough torque to provide a speed of 2800 RPM. It is the highest speed any impact driver can generate at the present time. This impact driver has impressed many buyers by its performance. Though, some have said that it is not an easy to use power tool.

Final words

It is better to buy a power tool that can work as a drill and the best impact driver, whenever you want any of these two types’ tools. We have reviewed products, which have all the required features for a professional user or a DIY hobbyist. Choose any of these three impact drivers that suit to your job and budget requirements.

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