Best Indoor Paint Sprayer Reviews

Best Indoor Paint Sprayer Reviews – It is always a difficult and messy job to paint the indoor areas. You need to get ready for cleaning the whole floor and other objects that get stained due to painting. People want to prevent that problem and that’s why they avoid the use of paint sprayers.

What if you can get a paint sprayer that can class-up your décor without causing a mess inside your property? Would it be a great aid for your indoor painting jobs? Of course, it will be a great aid and that’s why you need the best indoor paint sprayer to decorate your walls, doors, and other applications.

The Best Indoor Paint Sprayer – Our Top Picks

There are a few noticeable things that differentiate indoor painting jobs from outdoor painting. The indoor painting should be carried out by a sprayer that never causes a mess and runs neat. In addition, you need to use a sprayer that can effectively meet all your décor demands like the use of different paints and designs.

Fortunately, there are some great options in paint sprayers that can improve your performance and help you in finishing the indoor painting work fast. Check the reviews to reveal information about top 3 indoor paint sprayers.

1. HomeRight C800766 

best indoor paint sprayer - HomeRight C800766

Most of the top quality paint sprayers cost an expensive price. It can be a bit heartbreaking for you as a DIY hobbyist if you need an indoor paint sprayer only for a few DIY painting projects. The good news is that now some brands are focusing only improving performance of the paint sprayers.

At the same time, they are trying to keep the prices low so that the DIY enthusiast can take interest in their sprayers without worrying about their budget. HomeRight is one of those brands which are offering affordable handheld paint sprayers for indoor and small painting jobs. The HomeRight Finish Max has proven its effectiveness as a great paint sprayer.

Therefore, numerous people have bought it online. Its low-cost price and ability of finishing all kinds’ DIY projects make it the best indoor paint sprayer. You should happily buy it if you want to paint the doors, furnitures, cabinets, and other objects at home by yourself.


Although it operates neatly and helps you in preventing mess inside your property, it is not as neat as the HVLP system. You will have to cover the floor and other surrounding objects while performing the paint job.

2. Campbell Hausfeld Gravity-Feed Spray Gun Kit (CHK005CCAV)

You don’t need to run for an airless paint sprayer when you have a portable air compressor in your garage or paint shop. The Campbell Hausfeld has produced some great airless paint sprayers. However, it is also providing a reliable spray gun that can provide a much faster painting solution.

best indoor paint sprayer - Campbell Hausfeld Gravity-Feed Spray Gun Kit (CHK005CCAV)

It is the CHK005CCAV gravity-feed spray gun kit. You get two feature-rich spray guns in this kit along with multiple accessories that you may need while painting in the home or commercial property. This spray gun kit is affordable and you can buy it as an all purpose spray gun kit. People have bought it and they are using it for coverage painting and spot finishing.


The spray guns you get in this kit are only for the DIY enthusiasts. The professionals would need much better performance and quality for regular painting jobs.

3. Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 

best indoor paint sprayer - Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 

Finally, there is a reliable indoor paint sprayer that both DIYers and pros can use for painting, the Graco-Sharp gun. It is a better solution for indoor painting as a gravity-fed compressor gun. It is at the third position in this list because of its price.

You will have to pay more than Campbell Hausfeld spray gun kit, if you decide to buy the Graco-Sharp spray gun. It will be a more effective solution for painting top-grade furnitures and also for auto body spraying. It provides you with a superior atomization quality and that’s why it can be a reliable painting tool for both DIYers and Pros.


It is really expensive for the DIY hobbyists and professionals would like to consider a much better option, if they can afford this spray gun.

Final words

Finding the best indoor paint sprayer is a bit tough because many brands are endorsing their sprayers as the best available in the market. We have considered the key attributes of the indoor paint sprayers and then chosen the best three. These paint sprayers have gained positive reviews from numerous buyers and therefore you can trust our selection.

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