Best Lawn Edger Reviews

Best Lawn Edger – If there is a beautiful lawn which your guests see as they enter in your property, you should make efforts to keep it clean and appealing. A manicured lawn should have perfectly trimmed grass, beautiful plants around the pathways, or well trimmed edges.

Maintaining such a beautiful and eye-catching lawn is not an easy task. You will need some equipments, including the lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and lawn edgers. You may have heard about all these equipments. People often believe that a lawn edger is not as important as other tools, when it comes to maintaining a charming lawn or garden.

The Best Lawn Edger – Our Top Picks

Never make a mistake of considering it a useless tool because the best lawn edger is a tool that offers eye-catching edges around the lawn. It is used to trim the grass around the pathways so that there can be an appealing edge of the grass. Many gardening equipment producers are providing feature-rich lawn edgers. We have chosen top three tools and reviewed those tools in this post to help you with buying a reliable lawn edger.

1. Black & Decker LE750

best lawn edger - BLACK+DECKER LE750 12 Amp 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and Trencher


The LE750 by Black & Decker is a must have lawn equipment for every homeowner, who believes in maintaining a neat and clean lawn. It offers uniformly cut edges and there will not be rebellious weeds around your lawn. We have gone through the reviews of many experts and we have also checked what the buyers say about this tool.

They all praise its features and call it the best lawn edger. It functions quite smoothly and creates a beautiful edge around the pathways and edges of the lawn. This lawn edger produces about 150”lbs torque and the features an impressive 4.700RPM cutting power.

This tool can be used for cutting virtually any kind of plant, grass, smooth land, and weeds around your garden. Although it is a landscaping edger, the buyers have also used it to remove unwanted weeds around the edges of their lawn. It can turn your lawn into a perfectly groomed space for everyone. So, get it if you like its features.

2. GreenWorks 27032 

This lawn edger comes with a number of impressive features that turn it into a perfect gardening equipment for manicuring and cutting small space. This lawn edger has a solid design, but it is not as heavy as the previous one in this list. You can use and control it quite conveniently around the edges of your lawn.

best lawn edger - GreenWorks 27032 

Do not worry about struggling with the rip cord because you can turn this edger on with just a push of button and it will work. This lawn edger is equipped with a 12-amp motor that supplies optimum power to run a dual-edged 7.5” blade. This blade is capable of cutting the landscape 1.5” deeper and you can also adjust the position of the blade to get a smooth and precise cut.

It has two large wheels and one small wheel that will help you in balancing this tool perfectly while in use. So, according to many professionals and DIYers, this tool is perfect for small-sized gardens and lawns. It is a lightweight equipment with durable construction and it performs great as an edger. However, it may not please you if you will use it to cut overgrown grass.


3. WORX WG175 

best lawn edger - worx wg 175

WORX always comes with some innovative ideas, when it comes to offering a highly effective power tool. It has produced some great gardening equipments in which the WG175 is simply amazing. It is a lawn edger that can also work as a grass trimmer. You will invest in a lawn edger and get the line trimmer free.

You can replace the head of the edger to attach the line trimmer and start removing the weeds around your property. It is an effective choice and we consider it great for those, who haven’t bought a line trimmer. A lawn edger can make your lawn look beautiful only if there is perfectly trimmed grass. So, buy the WG175 if you need a two-in-one gardening tool at the price of one tool.

Final words

Be clear in your mind that you need the best lawn edger, if you wish to have an eye-catching lawn in front of your home or commercial place. We have reviewed the top rated tools, chosen by thousands of property owners across the globe. So, now it would be a bit easier for you to pick what your lawn actually demands.

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