Best Leaf Blower Vacuum Reviews

Best Leaf Blower Vacuum – Having a beautiful lawn with lots and trees may look beautiful. However, cleaning the fallen leaves over the driveways and lawns can be a real big hassle. This job can be made a lot easier if you have the best leaf blower vacuum to take care of the job. You will be able to maintain a neat and tidy lawn without having to put in any big effort. The leaf blowers vacuums can also be used for clearing out the debris and sand from various surfaces around the house.

The Best Leaf Blower Vacuum – Our Top Picks

Given below are the reviews for the three best leaf blower vacuum products in the category. All of the important features have been highlighted so that you can have an easy time getting hold of the best leaf blower vacuum suited to your choice.

1. Toro 51619 ultra blower

This is an amazing vacuum plus blower that offers an amazing power while cleaning. It is also very versatile and allows you to take care of multiple cleaning projects without any hassle. It comes with a two-year warranty and has a very sturdy and durable built.

With proper care and maintenance, the machine can definitely last you a very long time. It is very easy to operate. You can convert it between a vacuum and a blower incessantly. No extra tools are required during the conversion process. There is also a built-in lock that helps to secure the extension cord in place as you use it.

best leaf blower vacuum - Toro 51619 ultra blower

The leaf blower has highly advanced impellers made from metal that gives a powerful performance while also helping with the preparation of mulches. It is capable of offering up to 250 mph degree. Furthermore, it has speed controller that allows you to control the speed as per the requirement.

It comes together with a concentrated nozzle, a vacuum tube, a power insert, a hook for cord storage and a zip pouch. The zipper bag is placed in the device in a strategically manner that extends its lifetime while also increasing the ease of use.


  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to store.
  • Offers a powerful blast of air.
  • Comes with its own extendable cord.
  • Helps in reducing the debris by up to 88%.


  • The mulching feature is not highly efficient.
  • The device heats up incessantly when used for long periods of time.

2. Black and Decker LSW 20

This blower comes without a cord that allows it to offer a highly improved performance. It is every bit worth its price. The blower runs on lithium ion batteries and offers enough power to drive away all the leaves, sand and debris from the patios, lawns, and driveways. With this blower, maintaining a clean and tidy house will not be very big of a trouble. It comes with a limited warranty of 2 years and has an energy star rating. The blower has a very sturdy build and will last for years. Hence, it can be one of the best investments for your house.

best leaf blower vacuum - Black and Decker LSW 20

The blower has a dimension of 37 by 10.9 by 6.3 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds. Hence, you will be able to carry it around with much ease. You should, however, note that it is best not to use it the blower over flower beds and grass. The blower also has an inbuilt scraper that can be used to loosen the wet leaves that have stuck to the ground. The blower comes together with a snap in the tube, a battery charger, an extra battery and a cordless sweeper.


  • Gives powerful blasts of air.
  • Does not have cords.
  • Powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.
  • Inbuilt leaf scraper.


  • This leaf blower should not be used over grasses and flower beds.
  • It is expensive.

3. WORX WO7010 leaf blower

best leaf blower vacuum - WORX WO7010 leaf blower

This is also a cordless leaf blower and that runs on batteries. Since it is very lightweight, anyone can carry it around with much ease. Therefore, it is perfect for people of all ages. It does not give rise to problems such as arms fatigue and back pain. This leaf blower can help you maintain a clean surrounding without any hassle. There are 14 different cleaning attachments for the blower that makes it highly versatile. It runs on 32-volt lithium ion batteries and offers 120 mph air flow.


  • High-speed blowing.
  • No cords.


  • Bad power output.


A good leaf blower is a must for every household. They can help you maintain and neat and tidy house without having to put in a great deal of effort. The best leaf blower vacuum products given above have been reviewed in detail and will definitely help you in making an ideal purchase.

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