Best Metal Chop Saw Reviews

Best Metal Chop Saw – Chop saws play a very important role in metalworking and woodworking applications. Thanks to their speed and accuracy, this tool has been included on the list by professional carpenters. Chop saws are used to make precise cuts in metal, wood, and other metal materials. They are available in some types and options, giving you greater flexibility when dealing with various projects and materials.

How to Choose the Best Metal Chop Saw

There are some aspects that need to be considered before you go further. Since there are lots of models, it can take some time until you can find the best one. When shopping for a metal chop saw, there are some key features that you need to check. These key features include the maximum capacity for squares, tubing, and rectangles.

Check the Maximum Capacity: When you are buying a metal chop saw, make sure that you have checked its maximum capacity for rectangles, tubing, and squares. Make sure that you pick a model that is versatile enough.

Adjustable Angle Fence: The best metal chop saw should have an adjustable angle fence. Having this feature means that the chop saw is versatile enough so that it can position workpieces at various angles. Check whether the fence can be set at precise angles.

Easy Blade Change: Another factor you want to consider is whether it can provide easy blade changes. For a professional worker, changing the blade in the middle of the work should be done as effective as possible.

Easy Adjustment on the Vise: A metal chop saw that can provide easy adjustment on the vise is also important. Try to find one that has the capacity to hold a range of material sizes. These features will help you save a lot of time when you are using the tool.

A Soft Start Feature: The availability of a soft start feature will also make the tool a better choice than other models that can be found on the market. If you can find one that offers a soft start feature, make sure that you include that model on your list.

Check Safety Features: Safety features are very important when we are working with this tool. Most of the models have some safety features, but there are some features that should be available. Check whether the tool has the blade guard above the cutting disc. The good one should have a splash or hood guard. Buying one that offers an adjustable spark guard in which the guard can be replaced or altered is one of the best investments you can make when buying a metal chop saw.

Built-In Handles

Try to find metal chop saws that are easy to move and carry. Check the specifications of the models and see whether they have built-in handles. It would be better if the models also have lock-down pins.

The Best Metal Chop Saw – Our Top Picks

It’s time to check some models that you can find on the market. To save your time, we have listed some best metal chop saws available out there. Check our recommendations below!

1. DEWALT DW872 Multi-Cutter Chop Saw

The DEWALT DW872 is the first model that we want to consider here. It has powerful 15 amp motor so that it can cut various materials without any difficulties. The materials which can be cut using this model include non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. The durability and performance are some features that you can expect when using this tool for your next project. It is beyond your imagination!

best metal chop saw DEWALT DW872 Multi-Cutter Chop Saw

Durability and Performance

This multi-cutter saw has a specifically designed fence which can adapt to 45 degrees. In addition, it also features a vise which can provide an immediate grip when you are dealing with various applications. Other features include a built-in wheel change, a spindle lock, and handy brushes.


  • Very helpful for heavy-duty task.
  • Helps you cut quickly and accurately.
  • A parallel handle which can add comfort.

2. Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw

The next choice is the Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw. This model offers great performance and comfort, helping you to deal with various projects easily. It has powerful 15 amp motor so that it can deliver 1,300 rpm for the best cutting experience. It can be used to deal with a conduit, angle iron, and pipe.

Makita LC1230 best metal chop saw

Ease of Use Features

Having some easy to use features will definitely help you handle the project more effectively. Some features which can add comfort when you are using this tool include a quick release vise, a socket wrench, a shavings collection tray, and a D-shaped handle. Using a quick look vise, this feature is perfect for various types of materials.

Better Safety Features and Improved Performance   

One of the best features that we love from this metal cutting saw is the availability of the lock-off button which can prevent accidental starting. This feature is very important if you want to do the job safely. In addition, it also comes with a carbide-tipped blade which can last 50 times longer than abrasive wheels.


  • 4x faster cutting in angle iron, conduit, tubing and light pipe.
  • The lock-off button which can prevent accidental starting.

3. PORTER-CABLE PC14CTSD 14-Inch Chop Saw

Another best model that you shouldn’t miss is the PORTER-CABLE PC14CTSD 14-inc Chop Saw. This model is famous for its durability and powerful performance. It has powerful 15 amp motor which also comes with replaceable brushes. It also comes with the front D handle design which can reduce the force needed to pull, helping you to save more energy when cutting. Using the ball bearing design, it can increase the durability of the motor.

PORTER-CABLE PC14CTSD best metal chop saw

Deals with Larger Projects Easily

If you have been looking for the best metal chop saw which can help you handle large projects, the PORTER-CABLE PC14CTSD Chop Saw is the best choice that you can include on the list. It has a high performance motor, and it is also equipped with some helpful features. This tool is an ideal choice for home DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, fence builders, and contractors. Changing the blade can be done easily when you are using this tool, thanks to its spindle lock.

4. MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

Thanks to its powerful performance, we have decided to put the MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Metal Cutting Saw on our list. It is very powerful so that it can cut various materials including steel and other tough metals in the blink of an eye. It can cut faster than traditional abrasive wheels.

best metal chop saw MK Morse CSM14MB

Cuts Metal and Steel Easily

If you have tried other models and you realize that the model is not powerful enough to cut tough metals and steel, don’t worry, the MK Morse CSM14MB can solve this problem for you. It works better than standard metal chop saws. This tool can also cut cooler, thanks to its unique metallurgy of the carbide tips. If you are looking for a good metal chop saw that can make a clean cut, this tool is the right choice for you.

5. Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw

The Ironton Dry Cut Chop Saw is another choice that you shouldn’t miss when searching for the best metal chop saw. This model is best known for its powerful performance and durability. It can cut angle iron, pipe, and conduit easily. The performance of the tool is without a doubt one of the best features that we love from the Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw. It has powerful 15 amp motor which can deliver 1450 RPM.

Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw best metal chop saw

D-Handle Design for Maximum Comfort

Using this saw, you can ensure that the job can be done correctly. It has some features which add comfort when you are working with various materials. This tool is ideal for cutting some materials such as conduit, angle iron, and pipe.

Final Words

These are some best choices that you can consider when you are looking for a metal chop saw. It is your decision to pick your favorite model. Make sure that it has all important features that a good metal chop saw should have. By reading our reviews, there is no need to spend a lot of time when you are looking for the best metal chop saw.

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