Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews

Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews – There are many miter saw blades which can be found on the market; thus, you may wonder how you can find one that fits your needs. There are some factors which can affect the quality of the blade you choose. These aspects include the diameter of the saw, the purpose of the blade, and specifications of blades. For more information, let’s take a good look at these factors.

Important Factors

The following are some factors that you must know when you are looking for the best miter saw blade.

Consider the Purpose of the Blade

Knowing the purpose of the blade is important when you are looking for the right blade for the miter saw. You can ask yourself what type of material you will be using  the miter saw to cut. You can find specialty blades which are designed to cut a particular type of material. You can also find multipurpose types of blades. If you are working some different projects, you can buy more than one type. Don’t rely on the same blade when you are working with different projects. Instead, you can buy other types that fit your needs.

Consider the Diameter of the Miter Saw

Before you buy the blade for your miter saw, make sure that you have checked the user manual of your miter saw. Checking the user manual will help you to find some important information such as the recommended blade size. Choosing the wrong blade size can cause a problem. You won’t be able to use your miter saw properly if you have the wrong blade size.

Check the Specifications of the Blades

When you are looking for blades for your miter saw, you may notice that there are some blades which are designed for different types of saws. Check the user manual of your miter saw and see the right type of blade that fits your miter saw. It is possible that the manufacturer has listed some specific types of blades.

Pay More Attention to Its Features

Knowing the features of the blade is also important as it can help you find the best miter saw blade on the market. There are two features that should be considered;

Design of the Teeth

Pay more attention to the design of the teeth. There are some common designs of the blades that you can choose. These designs include alternating top bevel (ATB), flat top gringo (FTG), high alternating top bevel (HATB), triple chip grind (TCG), and alternating top alternating face (ATAF). Most experts believe that simpler teeth are easier to maintain and they are very effective when used for most wooden projects.

The Number of Teeth

The number of teeth can affect the quality of the blade. The reason is obvious because it determines how effective the blade is when it is used for cutting. Having a blade which has many teeth helps you to get cleaner cuts. There are some situations in which a blade with fewer teeth is a better choice. For example, if you want to cut thicker materials, choose a blade with fewer teeth.

Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews

Once you have learned some important factors and features that you need to consider when buying a blade for your miter saw, it is time to take a good look at some best models that you can find on the market. Check our recommendations below!

1. Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch ATB Miter Saw Blade

The first model we have included here is the Forrest CM12806115. The manufacturer of the blade is very popular as they have made some high-quality blades. Many users who have purchased this blade have reported that the blade works well and it can be a perfect choice for those having a good miter saw.

Forrest CM12806115 Best Miter Saw Blade

This blade can be used for a long period of time; thus, you can save more money. It is very suitable for those looking for a good blade that can provide smooth cuts. If you are looking for a blade that can provide clean cuts and not to worry about bade edges, the Forrest CM12806115 is the right answer for you.


  • Saves 1/3 wood loss on each cut.
  • Eliminates bottom splintering on RADIAL CROSSCUTS.
  • Reduces “JUMP IN” for better “PULL-CONTROL”.
  • Feeds easily (moderate crosscuts and rips on a table saw).
  • New 30° ATB tooth style.

2. DEWALT DW3128P5 12-inch Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade

Many users consider that the DEWALT DW3128P5 is the best miter saw blade. This is one of the best blades on the market in that you can buy it without wasting a lot of money. The price is quite reasonable, but you can expect more from this blade.

DEWALT DW3128P5 Best Miter Saw Blade

This blade can be used for various projects. If you are looking for a good blade that can cut chipboard, plywood, softwood, and hardwood perfectly, consider choosing the DEWALT DW3128P5. Using this blade, it helps you make accurate cuts effectively.


  • Thin kerf for smooth and fast cutting action.
  • Tougher tungsten carbide stays sharper longer.
  • Includes 2 Blades (one blade with 80 teeth, and one with 32 teeth).
  • Computer balanced plate (improved accuracy and better finish).


  • Provide very even precision in cuts every time.
  • Excellent at cutting through softwood, hardwood, plywood, and chipboard.
  • Come with a great warranty.
  • Affordable price.

3. Freud LU91R012 Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade

The Freud LU91R012 is very suitable for those wanting to cut crosscut wood, rips wood, laminate, plywood, and chipboard. It has some features which can help you deal with various projects. Some features include Perma-Shield Coating, negative hook angle, and anti-vibration design.

Freud LU91R012 Best Miter Saw Blade


  • Ideal material thickenss: 1/2″ to 2-3/4″
  • Negative hook angle minimizes climbing for better control
  • Recommended for crosscuts wood, plywood, rips wood, laminate, and chip board.
  • Thin Kerf Fine Finish blade – faster feed rate.
  • Non-stick Perma-SHIELD coating for protection against pitch build-up, gumming, and corrosion.
  • Premium TiCo™ HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting Blend.

4. Makita A-93734 12-Inch 100 Tooth Mitersaw Blade

The Makita A-93734 12-Inch has all features that you need from a high quality blade. If you have been searching for the best miter saw blade, the Makita A-93734 12-Inch is one of them. This blade is very ideal if you want to cut hardwood. It can produce perfect cuts; helping you to deal with various projects without wasting too much time.

Makita A-93734 Best Miter Saw Blade


  • Number of Teeth: 100
  • Diameter: 12″
  • Ultra-Thin Kerf: .091″
  • Plate Thickness: .071″
  • Hook Angle: 5°


  • (Alternate Top and Alternate Face) ATAF tooth design for ultra precision cutting.
  • Fully hardened and expertly hand-tensioned steel saw plates.
  • Micro-grain Carbide Teeth are honed with up to 600 grit.
  • Provides smoother cuts with less drag on the motor and minimal material loss.

5. Hitachi 725206 10-Inch 72-Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped Finish Saw Blade

If you are looking for a blade which can cut softwood and hardwood, then the Hitachi 725206 is a good choice. It is also very ideal when used to cut laminates and veneer. It is very durable; thus, it will last for a long period of time. You can also use this blade on the bamboo flooring.  It also comes with a 30-day limited warranty.

Hitachi 725206 Best Miter Saw Blade


  • Large C2 micrograin carbide teeth.
  • Premium laser cut steel plate.
  • Blade is precision balanced and tensioned.
  • Precision Ground 5/8″ Arbor .
  • 72 Teeth for extremely smooth cuts.


  • Diameter: 10″.
  • Arbor: 5/8″.
  • Grind: ATB.
  • Teeth: 72.
  • Kerf: .098″.
  • Hook: 15°.
  • Plate: .071″.

6. Makita A-93681 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade

If you are on the budget, but you still want to get a good blade, the Makita A-93681 10-Inch is the perfect solution for you. This miter saw blade is very ideal when used to cut hardwood, softwood, and plywood. Using the kerf which is very thin, each cut can remove less wood. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or you are a professional carpenter, the Makita A-93681 10-Inch can handle your projects easily.

Makita A-93681 Best Miter Saw Blade


  • Micro-grain carbide teeth are honed with up to 600-Grit.
  • Ultra Thin Kerf .091″, 071 Plate Thickness, and 5 Degree Hook Angle.
  • Fine Crosscutting.
  • Fully hardened & expertly hand tensioned steel saw plates.

Final Words

These are some of the best models available on the market that we have listed. The next time you want to find the best miter saw blade for your next project, you can check our list above and choose the one that fits your needs.

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