Best Multimeter Under 50 Reviews

Best Multimeter Under 50 – It is simply impossible for a professional electronics technician to repair the electronic gadgets, devices, and accessories without a multimeter. It is a very important instrument that provides three different tools in one case. You can use the multimeter to test voltage levels, current readings, and also for diagnosing a broken circuit.

Many electricians use this instrument to check the continuity and electricity flow in a device or circuit. This instrument has been used by the professionals for a long time and now the electronic hobbyists also need it for some DIY electronics repair work.

Best Multimeter Under 50 – Our Top Picks

The professionals may need high-quality and the cutting-edge multimeters for high energy work. Such multimeters cost a very expensive price that every individual cannot bear. If you want to get a useful instrument that can perform basic jobs of measuring electric voltage, current, and resistance, then you should search for the best multimeter under 50.

Although you will not get the best instrument available in the market, you will get something that can meet all your work demands.

1. Extech EX330

best multimeter under 50 - Extech EX330

This small size meter is built to provide multiple features in the same device. We consider it the best multimeter under 50 because its features. It is produced by a well-known electronic product manufacturing firm and you won’t regret if you spend your money for buying the Extech EX330. This multimeter measures AC and DC voltage and current.

In addition, it can also measure capacitance and resistance. Some other features include the temperature input, voltage detection, and many others.

This meter can also measure the temperature in micro-amps. You can check the readings in milliamps and micro-amps together, hence the dial indicates both readings separately. Although it is not one of the most accurate multimeters, it provides accuracy up to ± (1.0%+2).


  • It is a compact multimeter that ensures accuracy up to ± (1.0%+2).
  • Its auto and manual ranging feature and several other features make it the best multimeter under 50.


  • The auto range is sluggish and no backlights.

2. UNIT-UT139C

This multimeter belongs to the Chinese firm Uni Trend. It is a decent and popular multimeter among those, who use a true RMS device with features like temperature input, voltage sensor, etc. The Uni Trend has built this device for the professional electricians and electronics enthusiasts, who can use it for performing everything that a basic multimeter can perform.

best multimeter under 50 - Extech EX330

The manufacturer knows that accidents can occur while using a multimeter. Therefore, this device is equipped with all the necessary safety features. It has gained good ratings from the buyers for its safety features and performance.


  • It has all current ranges.
  • It is a reliable variable frequency filter and true RMS.
  • You can use it to measure frequency, duty cycle, and capacitance.
  • It has a non-contact voltage detector.
  • You can use it on both auto and manual modes.
  • It has gained CAT-III safety rating.
  • It is a small size multimeter that performs multiple measurement tasks.


  • The capacitance is very low and this device is perfect only for the electronics hobbyists. You should look for a better quality multimeter, if you are a professional electrician or a pro electronics technician.

3. Amprobe AM-520

Amprobe has introduced some great electrical and electronics instruments for which it has become a reliable name in the market. The AM-520 is one of Amprobe’s 500 series that promises to be a reliable tool for electronics measurements. It is a reliable instrument for HVAC applications in residential and commercial locations.

best multimeter under 50 - Amprobe AM-520

The AM-520 is an easy to use device that has got great safety ratings. It measure AC and DC voltage, current, and micro-amps along with temperature.

You can trust this multimeter for its readings while doing the air conditioning maintenance and repair work, and heating system repair work. It comes with an inbuilt flashlight and non-contact voltage detection feature makes it a great choice for the professionals.


  • It is a CAT-IV rated multimeter.
  • The capacitance range is impressive.
  • It can measure the temperature and micro-amps and has the non-contact voltage sensor.
  • It can be used for auto and manual measurement.


  • The auto range and continuity are slow, and the non-contact voltage detection range is quite narrow.

Final words

The reviewed multimeters perform all the basic jobs of a good quality multimeter. In addition, these devices provide many advanced features for which other brands charge an expensive price. So, trust the reviews and choose your best multimeter under 50 now.

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