Best Octane Booster Reviews

Best Octane Booster – If you are familiar with car fuel, you must know that octane booster is nothing but a special type of chemical added to the fuel. It can stabilize the fuel and increase the engine performance by increasing octane level and also can be a good product to make sure the engine does not fail at all. It also makes sure that you lose lesser amount of fuel.

Best Octane Booster – Our Top Picks

1. Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost Octane Booster

best octane booster - Royal Purple ROY11757

It increase octane rating to a new level (maximum 30 points) and make sure it delivers enhanced engine performance as well. It can reduce power loss, engine knocking, and engine failure as well. You can use this booster with unleaded and leaded fuel, gasohol, ethanol blends and other alternative source of fuels.


  • It can increase your octane level by 30 points
  • It can restore your engine power, adds to fuel economy, any residue left in the engine gets cleared; emission rate becomes a lot lower.
  • You can use this booster with any vehicle controlled by computer.
  • The booster includes MMT, which is really good for fuel.
  • You can use this booster for different engines: carburettors, oxygen sensors, direct injection,
  • Super charged or turbo, unleaded and leaded fuels.
  • Certain oils can make the phosphorous level high. With this booster you can certainly manage that level.


Not many negatives reviews can be found from the users of this booster. The only problematic thing about this booster is the price. Other than that there hasn’t been much of an issue with this booster as of yet. That is what actually makes it best octane booster in the market.

2. Lucas 10026 Octane Boost

best octane booster - Lucas LUC10026

Boost your engine comparatively more than any other brand. Safe to use even in the oxygen sensors and turbo engines. You can use the in the fuel injected vehicles and in the carburettor engines as well. 15 ounce of this booster is good enough for 25 gallons gasoline, which is quite cost effective. It can stop the engine knockings and can be used in motorcycles too. It makes sure that your engine gets clean fuel, thus increasing the mileage as well. Overall this booster can certainly help you in lowering your operating and maintenance cost whereas increasing your engine performance.


  • The design of the bottle is really good.
  • It can b se used with any engine that your car might have: oxygen sensors, turbo engine, compression engine, gasoline engines.
  • Just a bottle of 15 oz can be good enough to boost 25 gallons of your car fuel.
  • Excellent performance booster compared to any other product in the market.


  • The only problem is that, it comes in a packet of 12. So, if you are buying it for a test case and you do not use it further, you might think that it is a waste of money.

3. Motor Medic by Gunk M5112 Octane Performance Booster

This booster works not only as a octane booster, but also as a fuel system cleaner as well. If you use this product, you will be able to reduce engine knocks, hesitation, pings and automatically your engine mileage and performance will increase a lot.

best octane booster - Motor Medic M5112

This booster is also good in cleaning the fuel system and in lowering the fuel and maintenance cost a lot. The user guidance is really easy. Just add it and your fuel is ready to go. Your engine will be powerful again and you will have a nice smooth driving experience for sure.


  • Technologies used in manufacturing this booster are really high.
  • It can certainly boost your vehicle performance.
  • It can make sure to help you drive smoothly for a long time.
  • You can clean the injectors.
  • It can stabilize your fuel to greater extent.
  • It can clean your fuel to give your engine a quality fuel experience.
  • Engine efficiency and mileage also seems to increase.
  • It disperses wax, prevents any kind of sludge and can remove water.
  • It helps in reducing coking deposits.


  • Might not work with every kind of engine and oil that well.


So, in case you are looking for a booster that can enhance the performance of your engine therefore enhancing the car performance, then it is time that you choose the best octane booster. There are many boosters available in the market, but you need to choose the one that can go nicely with any kind of engine or fuel. Get one for your car today and see the difference in the performance.

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