Best Orbital Sander Reviews

Best Orbital Sander – The hand sanders are not completely out of the job. The professionals still use those difficult to use sanders whenever they need to sand shapes and contours.

However, the hand sanders do not seem effective when it comes to sanding large objects. You cannot rely on hand sanders when you need to finish the job quickly and deliver the product within a strict deadline. Therefore the orbital sanders seem more efficient than hand sanders.

The Best Orbital Sander – Our Top Picks

Now some great options are available in orbital sanders to choose from. There are actually many great options. The power tool producing companies are trying to produce more power-efficient and useful sanding machines so that they can lure the buyers. Some of them also make some big claims, whereas their orbital sanders do not perform as effectively as they claim.

So, how to recognize the best orbital sander and how to invest the money in a highly effective device? The best way of finding the best power sander would be checking the reviews. Checking the complete reviews may take several minutes and therefore we have endorsed the key features of the best orbital sanders. Check the reviews and you will get what you want.

1. BOSCH 1250DEVS 6-1/2-AMP 6-INCH

Many pros might not worry about the quality when they get a product from Bosch. It is the Bosch 1250DEVS 6 ½-amp 6-inch orbital sander that is gaining a huge response from the pros around the globe. It offers you a complete package for finishing all the jobs related to sanding.

Best Orbital Sander - BOSCH 1250DEVS 6-0.5 AMP 6-INCH RANDOM ORBIT SANDER

It is an easy to control device that has enough power and feature to sand any application you want. It is a versatile product that you can operate in two different modes. You can finish the regular sanding job by running this device in random orbital mode. You can run it in the turbo drive mode if you want five times better speed than the random orbital mode.

Thus, you will be capable of sanding large objects faster than normal mode. Its powerful 6.5amp motor can produce up to 6,650 OPM and the no-load speed would be between 270RPM and 600RPM. The no-load orbital speed would be between 3,100 and 6,500, and therefore we consider it the best orbital sander.

2. FESTOOL 571817 ETS 125 EQ 

Best Orbital Sander - FESTOOL 571817 ETS 125 EQ 

Festool is a Germany based power tool producing company that has been serving people since 1925. Yes, this company has spent many years by producing cutting-edge power tools for all kinds’ job and now we are presenting the 571817 ETS 125 EQ random orbital sander from this brand.

Make no mistake of considering it a 2nd class tool because you can use it to sand anything from bare wood to coats of finish. Unlike many other orbital sanders, it is a one-handed sander. It offers the best control while you are sanding wooden objects. You get impressive sanding results and this machine lasts for a very long time.

Its inbuilt balanced vibration stop makes it an ideal choice for newbies. You will get a smoother surface every time you will use this sander on wood or metal. This orbital sander weighs only 7.6lbs and that’s how it is easy to control with one hand.


If you need an orbital sander especially for wood projects, then consider the Porter-Cable 7346SP 6” random orbit sander. It comes with polishing pad and it has an ergonomic handle that allows you to apply extra power while sanding wooden objects. The manufacturer is offering a long-term warranty, if this orbital sander causes any trouble during the job.  


Its design and shape makes it a unique choice. You can hold the main machine with two hands and sand the surface much better for a smoother result. Of course, it can help you in sanding large objects pretty fast, but that does not mean it is inefficient for small objects. It allows you to finish the sanding job faster when working on small projects. Its sanding surface can easily reach narrow areas to provide the best results.

This orbital sander has a powerful motor that produces optimum speed between 2,500 and 6,800 OPM. It weighs only 6lbs and still capable of sanding large areas quite fast. So, consider it if you need the best orbital sander in your woodworking shop.

Final words

Only the features cannot decide which orbital sander is the best and which one is not that effective. You should consider the power, durability, and the performance. We have checked the user-reviews of many orbital sanders and then chosen the three reviewed products. These are the best orbital sanders according to the buyers and therefore you should select any one of these three devices.

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