Best Plasma Cutter Reviews

Best Plasma Cutter – Purchasing any equipment or a tool is an investment and therefore, you should always know if it will be able to handle all the tasks that you have been intending to use it for. When it comes to the plasma cutters, it is being manufactured and sold by more than a dozen brands. Each of these products differs significantly in terms of quality and features.

The Best Plasma Cutter – Our Top Picks

The following are the reviews for three top choices in the category of the best plasma cutter. They offer a powerful performance and are highly durable. Going through the review will definitely help you get hold of the best plasma cutter in the market.

1. Miller Spectrum 625 Extreme

best plasma cutter - miller spectrum 625 extreme

This is one of the most reputed product when it comes to plasma cutting. It has a solid construction and is extremely reliable. Furthermore, the company also offers an excellent customer service. The Spectrum 625 X treme is capable of cutting 5/8” steel.

It is an industrial quality equipment as far as the quality and builds construction is concerned. Since the machine runs on both 110 and 220 Volts, it can be used almost anywhere. However, you may not be able to cut through very thick layers while using it on 110 volts.

This plasma cutter is capable of auto re-fire, making it excellent for cutting through materials such as perforated metals and grates. It chews the consumables at a very fast pace, thereby allowing you to complete your project in no time. Apart from that, this plasma cutter also has attachments that can be used for holding in gas, torch, and power.


  • Has a weight of only 21 pounds.
  • Can be operated on 110 V as well as 220 V.
  • Offers a very easy operation.
  • It is capable of auto refire.


  • The consumables are expensive.
  • Does not make an efficient use of the consumables.

2. Hypertherm Powermax 45

This is one plasma cutter that does exactly what you want it to do. It is capable of making extremely precise cuts on steel sheets with a thickness of ½ an inch after every 20 inches. The machine can offer quite a smooth performance even when used all day long.

best plasma cutter - Hypertherm Powermax45

The machine does come at a high price. However, the consumables are very cost efficient. Therefore, in the long run, you may be able to save quite a lot. The cheap consumables can also be very beneficial for increasing the profit margin in businesses. This plasma cutter has very easy controls.

The mode switch allows you to adjust it to three different modes – the continuous pilot arc mode, the noncontinuous pilot arc mode and the gouging mode. Using the amperage knob, you can also adjust it to exactly the power you need. The adjustment should be made depending on the thickness of the material that is to be cut.


  • Uses the technology of drag cutting.
  • The consumables are cheap.
  • Offers an amazing support.
  • CNC capable.
  • Easy controls.


  • Weighs more than its competitors.
  • Comes with a hefty price.

3. Hobart Air force 40i

best plasma cutter - Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i

The Hobart plasma cutters are considered to be one of the best in the market. They are available at highly affordable prices and can be used for all different types of metals. This particular plasma cutter has been manufactured using the inverter technology which increases its efficiency to a significant degree. It is highly capable and can be used for a number of different projects. At the same time, it comes in a portable package and is very convenient to carry around.

This plasma cutter can handle up to 5/8” of steel and runs at 40A and 240V. As long as there is enough power, it can even be used all day long. This is a commercial grade cutter and is perfect for workshops with heavy workloads. Furthermore, it comes with a power inverter of a new design, thereby saving space.


  • Weighs a total of 31 lbs.
  • Offers a very simple operation.
  • It is a capable of auto refire.
  • CNC capable.
  • Offers a duty cycle of 50% at 5/8”.


  • The consumables are very expensive.
  • Does not use the consumables in a very efficient way.


These plasma cutters are equipped with a number of highly efficient features. They are powerful, compact and lightweight. Due to an ergonomic design, you will easily be able to control the settings and switch it between different modes without putting it down. This will certainly help you in purchasing the best plasma cutter to suit your needs without any hassle.

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