Best Plunge Router Reviews

Owning the best plunge router can make your woodwork a lot more versatile. These are one of the most advanced tools in carpentry that help in making highly precise cuts. They are quite different from the commonly used fixed routers, mainly owing to the depth of the cut. This makes the plunge router more convenient than their fixed counterparts. They are more flexible and help you take care of different tasks with much ease.

The Best Plunge Router – Our Top Picks

Given below are the reviews for 3 products from the category of the best plunge router.

1. Festool 574342

This is a heavy plunge router feature an 11.7 amp motor. It has features that allow you to make fine adjustments with much ease. Another highly attractive feature of this device is its dust extraction.

best plunge router - Festool 574692

You do not have worry about wood chips and dust sticking in hard to reach areas. The dust extraction hood is capable of collecting a maximum amount of dirt thereby making your work much easier and convenient. Furthermore, it has a 36 mm hose which catches all the chips without any difficulty.

The comfort of working with this router is unmatchable. It is capable of delivering to 1400 Watts, thereby allowing you to cut through even the dense wood with much ease. It also offers variable speed, which can come handy while dealing with larger bits. The router has comfortable handles that offer a secure grip while also reducing the pressure on the hands. This also increases the safety while working with the router.


  • High safety rating.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Efficient dust collecting bag.
  • Comfortable handles.


  • Comes with a very high price tags.

2. Porter cable 7538

best plunge router - PORTER-CABLE 7538

This particular plunge router comes with a 15 amp motor which gives enough power to cut through even the toughest of materials. In fact, the router is powerful enough to even cut metals. This machine can be a very sensible investment.

Since you do not have to go around purchasing a number of other items, you will be able to save up a lot of money. It can double up as a large number of tools required in woodworking. Furthermore, the router is also very durable and lasts you a long time.

It has a soft start feature meaning that it starts at a slower rate and gradually ends up gaining more and more speed. The maximum speed can go up to 21,000 RPM. Due to this, the torque is sufficiently reduced ensuring that the machine is not damaged during the process. It also offers an amazing performance.

The depth rod in it comes with six different turret positions so that you choose from the repeated cuts. It has a 6-inch precision which allows you to go through your projects with great accuracy.


  • Very precise.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Great value for money.


  • This router does not have a dust collection bag. Instead, it comes with a plastic screen. This may keep the dust particles and wood chips from coming your way. However, it definitely cannot keep your workplace from getting messy.

3. Hitachi M12V2

This is a heavy duty plunge router suited for commercial uses. It features a 15 amp motor that allows the machine to work flawlessly. It also has a great build and is capable of giving highly precise cuts. You can easily control the speed while working through the speed control that is located at the right side of the handle. The speed varies between 8000 and 22,000 RPM.

best plunge router - Hitachi M12V2

The router has ergonomic controls. It is on an off button are located just within the reach of your thumbs. Hence, you do not even have to pause and stop for shutting the router down. This ensures that you do not ruin your project while turning it off. Furthermore, the switch comes with an easy lock feature so that you do not have to hold it all the time while working. However, the switch is quite straight and you may find it a little difficult to hold on to it.

The router also a dust collection bag attached to its base. The size of the bag may not be enough to collect all the dust and bits. However, it is positioned in such as way that it can collect all the dust coming from the machine. Therefore, if you want to keep the space clean, you will have to keep emptying it again and again.


  • Powerful performance.
  • Easy lock switch.
  • Easy power control.
  • Works smoothly.
  • Makes precise cuts.


  • The dust collector is too small in size.


Plunge routers are one of the most popular tools in woodworking. They help you handle a wide range of jobs with much ease. The products listed above have some of the most unique and convenient features. Going through the reviews will definitely help you choose the best plunge router with much ease.

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