Best Pole Saw Reviews

Best Pole Saw – The trees offer shade, fruits, oxygen, and trees are quite essential to maintain a healthy atmosphere around the property. That’s why people plant and grow so many trees around their property to live a healthy life. However, it is also true that some trees grow too fast and reduce the exterior beauty of the property.

It becomes quite important to shred their branches so that you can get a perfect view, prevent your property, and maintain the tree in the best shape. You can reach some tree branches quite easily, but what if the branches are too high to reach. You will need the best pole saw to cut those branches or you will have to call the pros and then they will finish this job.

The Best Pole Saw – Our Top Picks

Using a pole saw is a better solution because thus you can safely remove unwanted branches of your trees. The pole saw is essentially a lightweight chainsaw, mounted at the top end of a robust pole. It is an easy to use power tool that you will need many times to shred the branches of your trees. Let’s check the reviews to find the best pole saw available in the market today. Check the features and other aspects to select the best power tool for your requirements.

1. Remington RM2599

best pole saw - Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw


The Remington RM 2599 is a gas pole saw, which has got top ratings from the buyers. This pole saw is lightweight and it cranks quite conveniently. It is a robust power tool that is a perfect choice for individuals, who are in trimming business.

It is also a powerful tool for the DIYers, who like to shape their trees and remove the extra extended branches of the tree. This pole saw expands your reach to some very high branches of the tree. Though, you will have to use it carefully because many users have said that you may need to chain the blade time and again within a few hours.

It will happen only if you are working in the woods to shred the branches of various trees.  Incidents like clogging and vibration does not affect your performance while you are using this saw. In addition, you will be able to trim the trees perfectly with this power tool and that’s why it is an effective choice for all the users.




Black & Decker is another popular power tool manufacturer, which is now providing a cordless pole saw for smooth and handy trimming of tree branches. It is a battery operated pole saw that can operate for quite a long time once fully charged. It is a reliable pole saw if you want to cut 2-4” thick branches of the tree.

best pole saw - BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V Lithium Ion Pole Saw, 8

The users have found this pole quite useful because no drop in power occurs until the battery is completely drained. It is for all age’s users. Your hands will not shake while the chainsaw will cut the tree branches, even if you are an aged user. This pole saw is equipped with a lightweight chainsaw that cuts and rips tree branches quite fast.

You can conveniently store the pole saw while not using it. It is a portable saw that you can carry anywhere you go because it does not weigh too much. It is a durable equipment, equipped with a powerful engine and capable of cutting and trimming tree branches.

3. WORX WG309

best pole saw - WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw, 10-Inch



Our third top pick as the best pole saw is the WORX WG309. It weighs around ten pounds, but it would be a lightweight pole saw to use if you do not extend it. Though, you will have to extend it if you want to cut high branches of the tree. You will need to apply some extra power for keeping it up and at the targeted position.

Apart from its weight, we have picked it because of its performance. This electric pole saw cuts thick tree branches quite conveniently. In fact, you will not struggle a lot to cut many branches within a few minutes. The users have expressed their satisfaction after using this pole saw to cut tree branches up to 7-10” thick.

Final Words

It is always risky to cut tree branches by climbing up on the ladder. The best pole saw makes this job a bit simpler. You can pick any one of the three reviewed pole saws and get satisfying results. Do not forget to get equipped with the safety gears because it would be a bit tough to get away from the falling branches.

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