Best Portable Tire Inflator

Best Portable Tire Inflator – You cannot predict when your car tire may get punctured or deflate. It is one of those situations that cause a huge trouble and then you need to drive the car to the repair shop with the deflated tires. Of course, your car or truck will move and cause a huge damage to the tires. You should get ready for such conditions, even if you own a bike.

You should own the best portable tire inflator that you can carry in the car to inflate the tires, whenever the air pressure reduces. The portable tire inflators are small in size and very useful for every vehicle owner.

Best Portable Tire Inflator – Our Top Picks

The demands for car tire inflators have increased within the recent few decades. It encouraged many air compressor manufacturers to produce portable and small size compressors. Therefore, finding the best would be a daunting task when you will get numerous options. You can make this tough task simple by checking the best portable tire inflator reviews here.

1. Viair 00073 70P best portable tire inflator - Viair 00073

This compact and portable compressor looks very stylish, but you should not miscalculate its power. It is a powerful device that will certainly amaze you with its performance. It requires 12V power input to operate. Yes, you can use your car’s battery to power this compressor and get the air supply.

It is capable of producing an air pressure of 100 PSI that is pretty amazing for a small size air compressor. None other portable tire inflator can produce more air pressure than what the Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor can produce.

It constantly operates at 1.06CFM and that is also an impressive figure for any portable tire inflator. You get this tire inflator with a carry bag to store it and haul it anywhere you go. You can easily pick and carry this tire inflator in one hand, hence it is quite lightweight.

The process of inflation starts immediately as you plug-in the compressor to the tires. You will need to measure the pressure by removing the inflator and then you can refill again, if an optimum pressure is not obtained. That’s how this portable tire inflator operates and that’s why it is the best portable tire inflator.

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2. Kensun YS-205 

When it comes to buying a reliable, portable, and affordable compact size tire inflator, the Kensun YS-205 seems a great choice. It is quite lightweight and compact in size and that’s why you can always carry it in your car.

It offers two different power inlets, one 110V AC inlet and one 12V DC inlet. You can power this miniature air compressor anytime and anywhere, whenever you need to inflate your car’s tires.

best portable tire inflator - Kensun YS-205

Another thing that turns it into a great choice is its 21.7” long air hose. You can easily reach all the tires of your car and inflate them within a few minutes. It has a 9 feet long power cord for the AC power supply and 6’7” long DC power cord.

This compact size air compressor can be used for inflating various applications including the balls, bicycle tires, bike tires, and other inflated equipments that people often use on the poolside and on the beaches.

3. Black & Decker ASI500 

best portable tire inflator - Black & Decker ASI500

The Black & Decker ASI500 12V cordless air station inflator should be your first choice, if you need a compact size, heavy-duty air compressor. Numerous people have bought it and most of them are impressed with the power and performance of this compact size air compressor.

This air compressor produces around 1.47CFM in the unplugged mode. You can also use it in your home for dusting; hence it will discharge air at a very high velocity. It weighs only one pound and it can inflate your car’s tires within a few minutes.

So, if the tires are deflated and you want to move out immediately, you can rely on this air compressor for a quick service. You get a 12 feet long air hose with this inflator. It means, you can easily reach all the tires by plugging-in the power cord.

Final words

Every car owner needs a tire inflator that can inflate the deflated or punctured tires immediately. All the reviewed products are the best because of their compact size and impressive power.

So, consider all the features and then choose the best portable tire inflator. You can buy the selected product online at an affordable price and save some extra bucks.

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