Best Reflex Sight Reviews

The best reflex sight will help you set an accurate and fast target thereby making it possible to achieve clean targets in a rapid succession. You will have a sharper awareness of the situation and recognize any uncertainty or threats with much ease. Investing in the best reflex sight can be of great value especially to the frequent shooters.

The Best Reflex Sight – Our Top Picks

Given below are the three best reflex sight products reviewed in depth so as to make your shopping easier.

1. Sightmark Ultra Shot M spec Reflex Sight

This reflex sight is perfect to be used in the extreme shooting conditions. It offers an extremely clear view of the target. It also features a night vision which is adjustable to six different modes. The body of the reflex sight is made out of magnesium alloy which makes it very sturdy.

It can easily withstand 0.50 caliber rifle recoils. There is a protective hood which has been specially installed in order to protect it from shock and impact. In addition to this, the rifle is also resistant to water and remains fully functional when submerged in up to 40 feet of water.

best reflex sight - Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M

It has 6.5 MOA red colored reticle. The glass used is of high quality and offers a very clear view. Furthermore, it uses a dual pane glass which reduces the parallax error to zero thereby allowing you to place very precise targets. With such highly convenient features, you can on shooting without straining your eye.

The battery used in this reflex sight can give a continuous runtime of about 1000 hours without any replacement or recharging. It also has a digital switch through which you can adjust the settings for brightness and control the energy consumption. Since the reflex sight is very lightweight, it can be used with almost every firearm with full convenience.


  • The battery lasts for a very long time.
  • Does not strain the eye.
  • Is very easy to mount or demount.
  • It is capable of withstanding up to 0.50 caliber recoils.
  • Offers water resistance for up to 40 ft.
  • Can be used both during the night as well as the day.


  • Looks bul.
  • Does not improve visibility during fog.

2. Trijicon RM06 RMR 3.25 MOA

best reflex sight - Trijicon RMR 3.25 MOA

Here, the RMR stands for Rugged Miniature Reflex which implies that the reflex sight appears small and rugged. This reflex sight can be highly convenient for people who are frequently alternating between handguns and rifles. The bonus point is that this reflex sight can also be used together with optical scopes. You can have it mounted to the top of your optical shooting and increase the accuracy of the target by a significant degree.

The reflex sight has its body made out of aluminum, which makes it very durable as well as very lightweight. It has a total weight of only 1.20 oz. This makes it perfect for law enforcement and military use. The reticle has a red LED dot with the size of 3.25 MOA. Every click of adjustment will lead to a decrease or an increase of 1 MOA.

It can be adjusted to eight different modes of brightness, including the two for night vision. The intensity is adjusted using the buttons placed on the side of the reflex sight. You can also have it adjusted to an auto mode so that you do not have to go around making adjustments every single time.


  • Can be used during the daytime as well as the nighttime.
  • Offers a very long battery life.
  • Offers a mode for auto adjustment.
  • You can use it together with optical scopes.
  • Extra mounts are not required.


  • Every time you change the battery, the reflex sight goes back to factory settings.
  • The red dot in the reticle is actually higher than where it is supposed to be.

3. Vortex Razor 3 MOA

best reflex sight - Vortex Razor Red Dot Sight

This is an extremely accurate reflex sight that can come very useful especially while hunting. One of its main virtues is that it has an anti-reflection lens that is capable of offering a much wider field of view. The body is made of high-grade aluminum alloy. It reduces the glares to a minimum thereby offering a better camouflage. It is also water resistant and can function absolutely well when submerged in water for a certain duration of a tie.


  • Good eye relief.
  • Long battery life.


  • Can only be mounted to Picatinny tails.


Buying the best reflex sight can improve your performance to a great degree. The above rifle scopes offer excellent target setting both during the daytime and nighttime. They also have a very long battery life and offer excellent eye relief.

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