Best Screwdriver Set Reviews

Best Screwdriver Set – Although the power tools are quickly replacing traditional mechanical tools, some traditional tools still seem the best in their traditional form. The screwdriver is one of those tools that every professional mechanic and homeowner needs. You can quickly perform normal repair jobs when you have a screwdriver in your hand.

You don’t need a drill to fasten or loosen normal screws in day-to-day life. In fact, you cannot carry the power tools everywhere you go. Carrying the best screwdriver set would be a quite simple. It will not cover a large space and everyone knows how to use the screwdriver.

The Best Screwdriver Set – Our Top Picks

The power tools simply do not fit in our daily repair demands. The screwdrivers are handy and require no power to work. You can perform a number of critical jobs by using a screwdriver and therefore you should keep a set of different size screwdrivers. We have reviewed the top rated screwdriver sets to help you in finding the best screwdriver set within a few minutes.

1. DEWALT DW2166 Screwdriving Set

Dewalt is a famous brand that produces high-quality power tools and mechanical tools. The DW2166 Screwdriving set from Dewalt is a great choice for those, who are searching for screwdriver bits set. This screwdriver set comprises highly durable screwdriving bits of different size.

best screwdriver set - DEWALT DW2166 45-Piece Screwdriving Set with Tough Case

You should consider this particular set because you get a huge range of screwdrivers in this set. It is up to you that you use the screwdrivers as hand operated tool or fix the bits into the drill. This set offers enough tools for fastening or loosening any size’s screw. It is a perfect choice for DIY hobbyists because of its durability and versatility of the tools.


  • All the tools in this set are durable and built from industrial quality steel.
  • There are 54 tips for performing various different tasks.
  • You get all types’ screwdriver heads in one set.
  • Highly durable carrying case.
  • This screwdriver set is equipped with 12 double-sided bits.


There is no screwdriver head for working on small size screws and there are only square, Phillips, slotted, and double-ended bits.

2. Oria 60-in-1 Magnetic Driver Screwdriver

best screwdriver set - ORIA Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit, Professional Repair Tool Kit

The maximum users today need the best screwdriver set to open and close some regular use devices like the smartphones and tabs. They don’t need an expensive screwdriver set to work on furnitures, machines, car engines, and other such big equipments.

Oria understands the need of modern users and therefore it is working to produce highly useful tools rather than producing an eye-catching set of tools. The Oria 60-in-1 magnetic driver screwdriver set has all those tools which a common user needs in day-to-day life.

The use of electronic gadgets has increased now. Billions of users have smartphones, tabs, iPods, and other such devices. Oria’s 60-in-1 screwdriver set offers tools for fastening or loosening some of the smallest screws in size.


  • Built from top grade steel for better durability.
  • Comprises all types’ screwdriver heads.
  • 54 tips for repairing a huge range of electronics and electrical applications.
  • Magnetic screwdrivers.
  • This set includes a flexible shaft.
  • Built from eye-catching chrome vanadium steel.


This screwdriver set is a perfect set only for repairing small size electronic gadgets, devices, and electrical appliances. You should look for other sets if you need the screwdrivers to repair mechanical equipments and automobiles.

3. Jakemy JM-8153 38 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

best screwdriver set - Jakemy Screwdriver Set, Professional Repair Tool Kit, All in One with 36 Magnetic Driver Bits Screwdriver Kit

This screwdriver set offers 38 tips that you can fix over the main screwdriver and use it for any kind of repair job. Numerous buyers have praised this set as the best screwdriver set on Amazon and other retail stores because of its quality.

However, some users are not happy with the limited number of tips offered by Jakemy. The previously reviewed two screwdriver sets offer above 50 tips whereas this set has only 38 tips. Therefore, we have kept it on the third position.


  • An ideal screwdriver set for repairing the wristwatches and small gadgets.
  • All the tips are built from durable vanadium steel.
  • It comes with an extra extension bar to expand your reach.
  • There are almost all types’ screw heads and therefore you can repair any electronic or electrical gadget.


  • There are only 38 tips and the price seems a bit expensive for a limited number of tips.

Final words

Buying a screwdriver is not a tough task. Though, finding the best screwdriver set at reasonable prices is a very tough task. Now you will not face any troubles because you have the best three screwdriver sets. So, choose a set that has all the required tips and features.

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