Best Socket Set Reviews

Best Socket Set – A socket set, equipped with all the standard size sockets, can be very useful for any car owner or DIY buff. The sockets are very useful tools when it comes to fixing car’s issues, general adjustments of daily use devices or any other machine’s repair work.

A mechanic, handymen, or even an electrician will need multiple different sockets while performing the maintenance job or repair work. The sockets make loosening and tightening nuts and bolts very simple. Every homeowner should keep a simple ratchet set and the best socket set to perform minor repairs at home without calling an expert.

The Best Socket Set Reviews – Top 3 Socket Sets

Every individual buys and uses the screwdriver, but often ignore the importance of the socket set. The sockets are very useful and you know it, when you try to loosen a normal nut and ratchet keeps slipping because of loose grip. Consider the reviewed socket sets to find the best socket set for both professional and occasional use. We have reviewed the best products to shortlist your search for the best sockets available in the market.

1. SK 94547 47 Piece Socket set

Whether you are a car owner or a mechanic, the SK 94547 47 piece socket is the best for many of your requirements. It offers 19 deep sockets along with 25 standard sockets, 2 extensions, and a 7-1/2” pro ratchet. You must consider it if you want to invest your bucks in a socket set that can offer years of pleasing service.

best socket set - SK 94547 47

You can use the sockets for any type’s repair or maintenance work. All the sockets will remain intact and the SuperKrome finish will keep the sockets shining. The regular use will never affect the performance of these sockets, hence these are built to improve the work efficiency of professional mechanics and handymen.

The SureGrip hex ensures you that you will be able to apply and drive the sockets anywhere under any circumstances. Therefore, buying this socket set would not be a deal of loss.


  • You can rely on this socket set, even if you work in harsh environments.
  • You get all the standard sockets in this socket set.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Corrosion resistant sockets.


  • Professionals may not be happy with the number of sockets provided with this set.

2. Craftsman 220 pc Mechanics Tool Set with Case

best socket set - Craftsman 220

The Craftsman 220 pc mechanic tool set can meet all your demands, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic. This socket set is also a more affordable option that you can get online. It is a complete toolset, equipped with multiple sockets, tools, and accessories. There are 116 sockets in total along with quick release ratchets and drives.

You get sockets in general and metric joints for better flexibility while performing the repair work. There are a couple of extension bars and six combination wrenches that you get for free with the socket set. One dozen nut drivers, a magnetic handle, and many mechanic drivers and screwdrivers turn this socket set into an ideal option for any buyer.

It is certainly the best socket set with many other tools that you can buy without spending an expensive amount from your pocket.


  • The sockets are built from high-quality alloy steel.
  • You get metric and standard size wrenches free with the sockets.
  • The sockets are tough and will last for many years.
  • There is a complete range of sockets and other tools.


  • The ratchet handle seems quite small.

3. BOSTITCH BTMT72287 Pass Through Socket Set

best socket set - BOSTITCH BTMT72287

If you are searching for a socket set with heavy duty sockets and ratchet, consider the Bostitch BTMT72287. It is designed for professional car mechanics who use sockets to fasten and loosen tough nuts and bolts. Its 72 tooth gear system improves the ratcheting performance with an impressive torque.

All the sockets have size marking stamped. Thus, a newbie or a handyman would also find the required socket within a few seconds. It is a durable socket set, equipped with 65 standard and metric sockets. Therefore, you will be ready to start the repair work anytime and anywhere if you have this socket set.


  • Heavy duty sockets.
  • Ratchet with comfortable grip.
  • You can use this set while working on various different applications.


  • It might be a bit tough to remove the sockets from ratchets.

Final words

Your search for the best socket set will certainly end here. If you have carefully considered the features of all three reviewed socket set. These are the top rated socket sets by many professional users. So, you can trust the selection and choose a perfect set for your uses.

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