Best String Trimmer Reviews

Best String Trimmer – The string trimmer of weed eater has become a very essential gardening tool for today’s homeowners. As the name suggests, it is used to cut and remove weeds and unwanted grass from the lawn. You don’t need any additional tool for weeding if you own the best string trimmer.

The Best String Trimmer – Our Top Picks

The string trimmers are basically designed for weeding and trimming the grass. However, the modern models of this gardening tool are designed to perform many other tasks. Some trimmers also work as edgers and movers. You can also find some trimmers with additional cutting tools that can be used for cutting and shedding tree branches.

You need a cutting-edge model, designed for a multipurpose use. There will be some great options in string trimmers. You can choose from gas trimmers and electric trimmers. What kind of trimmers would be the best for you depends on your demands.

We have used the best available models to shortlist the top-class string trimmers. Check the reviews to reveal the information on the best string trimmer available in the market today.

1. Ego ST1502-F

All the newbie buyers wonder that what features they should consider while looking for the best string trimmer. You will get the answer in this review. The Ego ST1502-F is a cordless string trimmer that is an affordable and powerful trimming tool. It is powered by gas and therefore you can move it all around the lawn.

It is our top pick because it does not spread fuel mess around the lawn and it certainly doesn’t release smelly smoke while you use it. This tool is affordable not only because it costs a reasonable price, but also because of its low-cost maintenance.

best string trimmer - Ego ST1502-F

You can use this tool to cut a 1-foot-wide strip of grass in two-thirds of a mile within just one charge. In comparison to other cordless string trimmers, it consumes less power and operates much longer. This grass cutting tool can easily cut weeds and plants of 1” thickness.

It is powerful and unlike other high-power tools, it works quite silently. It creates noise like a hairdryer and therefore most of the users enjoy using it for a long time. Its features are unique and that’s why it is the best string trimmer for us.

2. Ryobi R40220 

best string trimmer - Ryobi RY40220

Although it is not one of the most powerful weed eaters, the Ryobi R40220 should be your top pick if you cannot buy the Ego. This string trimmer is not capable of cutting thick and strong weeds as easily as Ego can do. It is designed especially to slice and remove denser grass. You can use it for shedding extra grown grass in the lawn.

It can work effectively to cut and remove soft weeds, which are not quite hard to remove. This string trimmer can be your first choice if you want to use multiple yard tools while gardening. You can remove the trimmer head to install other tools like the brush cutter, pole saw, and mini cultivator.

You will have to buy all the yard tools separately. These additional tools enhance the performance of Ryobi R40220 40V-X Expand-It String Trimmer.This trimmer costs a very affordable price in comparison to the Ego’s string trimmer.

It can also perform all the operations that the first reviewed trimmer can do, but it will not operate for a long time in a single-charge. You will have to use different tools for cutting different objects in your lawn.

3. Black + Decker LST136

Investing an expensive amount in a powerful string trimmer is beneficial only if you have to maintain a large lawn. The Black + Decker LST136 is a perfect choice for maintaining a small lawn. It is a small size trimmer that is also quite light in weight.

best string trimmer - Black + Decker LST136

You can wear all the safety gears and use this string trimmer on a regular basis to prevent the growth of unwanted plants and grass. Cutting and shedding thick weeds would be a difficult task. This trimmer is the best for light use. You should consider the above reviewed models, if you want a weed eater to remove tough weeds from your property.

Final words

The best string trimmer would be one that can meet all your demands. We have reviewed three different models. The first one is powerful and capable of cutting any kind of weed and grass. The other two models are affordable, but available with some limited features. So, consider all their features carefully and then choose the best weed eater for your job.

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