Best Thickness Planer Reviews

Best Thickness Planer – The thickness planer is also known as thicknesser or simply as a planer, is a woodworking tool. The professional woodworkers use this tool, used mainly for reducing the thickness of boards and provide them with a consistent thickness.

It is widely used for producing smooth shaped boards of consistent thickness. You can create many regular pieces of wood of the same thickness, if you use the planer. It is also used for adjoining the sides of wood boards. The professionals also use this tool for leveling the sides of square shape items so that the grooves can fit effectively.

The Best Thickness Planer – Our Top Picks

Many power tool manufacturing companies are producing thickness planers. Therefore, finding the best thickness planer can be a daunting task. The first timers would find it more puzzling because all the brands claim to provide the best planer for woodworking jobs. So, do not take the risk because here we have reviewed the top rated and feature-rich thickness planers. You can check all the features and drawbacks to ensure you are investing your money in the best quality product.

1. Dewalt DW735X 2-Speed 13-Inch Benchtop Planer

The experts call it a true power performer because Dewalt has designed it to perform all the day. This planer is capable of chipping all types’ woods. It is the only thickness planer that offers a smooth and consistent performance and works the whole day while you are preparing wooden objects in your shop.

Of course, it is for the professional woodworkers, who require the best performance. It is equipped with a 15 Amp motor that can generate the speed of 10,000 RPM for the cutter head. Although there are some planers that also offer a higher cutter head speed, the Dewalt DW735X beats them in terms of performance.

best thickness planer - DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer Package

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The cutter head and the rate at which the wood board is fed into this machine is synchronized to offer a better result. You can use this machine on two-different speeds. You can run this machine at 96CPI to get a smoother finish or you can run it at 179CPI to reduce the thickness of the wood.

All in all, you can say that this machine is designed to handle any kind of wood. It will reduce your efforts and turn rugged and thicker wood into smooth wood boards. Therefore, we consider it the best thickness planer.

2. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Benchtop Planer

There are many woodworkers who operate their business from a small shop. They also need a high-quality and heavy-duty thickness planer. The Makita 2012NB is just what they all demand for. This machine can easily handle heavy jobs and produce highly smooth wood boards for the woodworking projects.

best thickness planer - Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp

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Just like the previous model, the 2012NB is also equipped with a 15 AMP motor that ensures a solid performance. The cutter head speed is slow and therefore this machine reduces the thickness of the boards and produces offers a smoother finish. This thickness planer allows you to make micro adjustments when you are smoothing a rugged board. What many professionals like about this board is its silent performance.

It never hurts your ears and therefore you can plan to reduce the thickness of many boards in a day. What the professional woodworkers do not like about this machine is that it relies on Interna-Lok to reduce snipe, which does not work in an efficient way. You will have to use it with an extension table if you want the best results.

3. Bosch PL2632K 3 1/4-Inch Handheld Planer

best thickness planer - Bosch PL2632K

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Every woodworker cannot spend a large amount for buying the thickness planner machines. In fact, many DIY hobbyists also seek an economical solution for reducing the thickness of wooden boards and making them smoother. So, Bosch has produced the Bosch PL2632K thickness planer that is a handheld planer.

It is an ideal choice for smoothing joists and roughing up doors. You can quickly finish the smoothing work if you have an electric handheld planer in your shop. It will be a perfect aid to chip off more wood in a shorter time and that’s why numerous woodworkers across the globe use this tool.  

Final words

We have included only one handheld planer because the top two thickness planers are certainly the best available machines in the market today. The jobs of smoothing and thickness reduction would be very handy jobs. In fact, a newbie woodworker can also create a number of plan wood boards in a day, if he is using the best thickness planer. Therefore, you should invest only in the best machine or tool to get the job done in a precise manner.  

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