Best Trimmer Line Reviews

Best Trimmer Line – The string trimmer is undoubtedly the best landscaping tool to mow down weeds and grass around the edges of the lawn and in tight areas. This tool relies on a long and durable line that quickly slices the weeds, grass, and smooth plants.

This trimmer line is probably the most important component in the trimmer that ensures that your tool is capable of removing any kind weed and grass. If you are not using a high-quality trimmer line, it will break time and again and thus reduce your and string trimmer’s performance.

The Best Trimmer Line – Our Top Picks

Although nobody can expect the string trimmer line to last forever, it should still offer a considerable service. People use different materials’ trimmer lines in their string trimmers. We suggest you to use only the best trimmer line. It should cut the weeds and grass quickly and remain intact for at-least a few days. There are a few great options in trimmer lines, which you can consider if you are planning to replace the existing trimmer line. Check the reviews to find the best.


1. Cyclone CY155S3

best trimmer line - Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line, Red CY155S3


Your search for the best trimmer line may complete here because the Cyclone CY155S3 is probably the most reliable trimmer line you can buy today. It is an American made product that offers proprietary-grade trimmer line. This trimmer line is 0.155” thick and therefore it becomes a reliable option when it comes to cutting some of the thickest weeds in the lawn, garden, and backyard. 

You might be using some other trimmer lines till the date, but the Cyclone CY155S3 would offer a completely new and unique trimming experience. The manufacturer has used copolymer nylon to make this trimmer line stronger and durable. It can easily remove shrubbery and weeds within a fraction of a second.

It will help you in saving your time while cleaning the yard and it will also ensure that no unwanted plant is alive in your yard. The professionals like it because it is a commercial grade trimmer line.It is very thick and owns a six bladed shape due to which it performs well on the ground. The only thing that may force you to check the next option in this post is its price. The Cyclone string trimmer line may seem a bit expensive.




You should not invest your money in a commercial grade trimmer line, if you are not a professional landscaper. The string trimmer is a popular garden equipment among the homeowners. It is a tool that helps them in keeping their yard neat and properly manicured.

best trimmer line - DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line, 225-Feet by 0.080-Inch

So, if you are one of those homeowners, you should consider the DeWALT DWO1DT802. This trimmer line is capable of slicing smooth weeds and grass and it is considered the best for light-duty jobs. This string trimmer line would last for quite a long time, if you use the string trimmer occasionally. DeWalt has manufactured this trimmer line from high-quality impact-resistant materials.

It is a string trimmer line that can last longer than many of its competing products. It is 0.08” thick and thus it gains an ideal size for removing smooth weeds, grass, and other plants. You should not buy it if there are some tough weeds around your property. You should consider the first option, if you want the trimmer line to perform heavy-duty weed cleaning job.

3. Husqvarna 639005106

best trimmer line - Husqvarna 639005106 Titanium Force String Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 3-Pound Spool

The Husqvarna 639005106 has maintained its reputation as the leading medium-duty trimmer line for a long time. Husqvarna is an American brand and trusted by thousands of Americans when it comes to cleaning the lawn, garden or normal landscape.

If your landscape is covered with a huge number of weeds and if the extra grown grass of the lawn is reducing the natural charm of your lawn, you can feed the Husqvarna 639005106 trimmer line in your string trimmer and let it trim the whole area.

This trimmer line is 0.095” thick and you get 850 feet long spool of this trimmer line in the package. It is also built from copolymer induced nylon and therefore you can trust this trimmer line to cut both thick and thin weeds around your property. You won’t need to charge the line before a few hundreds of feet because it is quite durable.

Final words

When it comes to buying the string trimmer lines, the users do not know that what material they should choose and what should be the thickness of trimmer lines. As you can check in the reviews, we have mentioned all the specs of the best trimmer lines. So, now it won’t be too difficult for you to choose the best trimmer line.

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