Best Wood Router Reviews

Best Wood Router – A well-selected wood router can help you achieve quite a lot in carpentry. You will be able to make cutouts in all types of wood board and create beautiful decorations that cannot be otherwise achieved through a saw. Wood routers basically come in two different designs – the fixed and the plunge. Given below are the reviews for the three best wood router models.

The Best Wood Router – Our Top Picks

1. Porter Cable 7538

best wood router - PORTER-CABLE 7538

The Porter Cable 7538 is powered by a motor that runs at 15 amps. This makes it perfect for all types of tough applications. This easily the best wood router while handling hard woods and tough spots on the board. At its best, the motor can offer a speed of 21,000 RPM, which is quite attractive for a wood router.

The router also has a soft start feature that allows you to reduce the speed at the time of starting. Furthermore, the router has an auto release collect system which makes it very easy to reach the bits, thereby allowing for a quick and easy removal in case of repairing or switching.You will not be required to deal with a lot of screws.

The turret in the depth rod can be adjusted to six different positions, thereby making it easier to attain repeated plunge cuts. The precision in the plunge range offered by the router is 3 inches. The housing, as well as the base of the machine, is made out of aluminum. It has a total weight of 22 pounds, which gives it very good stability, keeping the router in its exact place as you do your work.


  • It is a highly powerful wood router.
  • It uses a very advanced and reliable mechanism for the plunge.


  • Does not come together with a dust collector. It has to be bought separately.

2. Bosch 1617EVSPK

Bosch is one of the most reliable names when it comes to wood routers. The brand has given some of the best wood router models with unique and highly convenient features. This particular product lives every bit up to the expectation of the consumers. It can be bought separately as a standalone product or you can also go for the one that comes attached to a bench.

best wood router - Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp 2-0.25

The standalone router can be very convenient, especially while creating decorations and cutouts for items to be used at home or creating professional pieces. There are two different types of collets that can be attached to the top. By applying just a small amount of pressure to the top, you will easily be able to reach inside the router and change the bits.

This wood router comes with the plunge design and has wooden handles. It uses a motor that can provide speeds of up to 25,000 rotations per minute. This makes the router perfect for all types of application. The speed can also be changed depending on the purpose of use.


  • It is a highly powerful router.
  • Does not make annoying noises while being operated.
  • It is highly versatile and can be used for a number of different uses.
  • It is very easy to switch between the fixed and the plunge bases.


  • The company does not offer a good customer support.


best wood router - DEWALT DW618PK

The DEWALT DW618PK is both a plunge as well as a fixed wood router in one single package. The motor that is used in the router is capable of producing more than 2 horsepower. It offers variable speed, thereby allowing you to get through all types of woodwork without any difficulty.

There are 1/2 inch and ¼ inch collets at the top of the router that holds the bits together as you work. It is also very easy to pull off the bits whenever you are required to change the bits. The router has an integrated collection system which is capable of collecting more than 90% of the dust.

This feature also keeps your workspace clean and uncluttered and allows for superior visibility as you work. The router uses adjustable cam locks which allow for a solid locking. Apart from this, the feature also makes it very easy to make depth adjustments. The router offers excellent bit retention and is very versatile when it comes to the uses.


  • It is a powerful router suitable for the toughest of projects.
  • Offers great consistency and strength.
  • Can be adjusted.


  • It makes noise.
  • There are occasional problems with the speed setting.


These are some of the best wood router models in line that can be used for all types of wood projects. They hold fast while working, so you do not face the instability problem anymore. These machines have powerful motors, high RPMs and are simply perfect to be used for all types of wood.

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