Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews

Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews – There are two types’ power tools producing companies in the market. The first type’s companies spend a huge time and money in promoting their brand to lure the buyers. The second type’s companies invest their time and money in developing highly reliable and useful power tools.

Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews – Our Top Picks

The Blue Max is a second type’s company, renowned for using state of the art technology to develop high-quality tools. It has built its reputation by producing power tools that can meet most of the demands of the users.

The Blue Max Chainsaws are popular for their power, effectiveness, and safety features. Check the Blue Max Chainsaw reviews to gain information on the top rated Blue Max chainsaws.


Blue Max has built this chainsaw for those, who want a powerful gas chainsaw without spending an expensive amount. Yes, it is an affordable option and it is also a reliable option. The 6595 is equipped with a 45cc engine.

blue max chainsaw reviews - Blue Max 6595

Its gas powered motor provides an adequate support complete cutting, shading and climbing jobs of the lawn and neighborhood. It is considered a great choice for a quick cleaning job.

Although it misses some features that those expensive gas chainsaws offer, the 6595 still promises to be your best companion for the toughest works in the woods.

This Blue Max chainsaw offers an 18” blade that is quite useful for large and small cutting jobs. You will be satisfied with the power generated by its 45cc engine and there will be no safety issues. It has a rapid reaction kickback break, safety trigger, and hand guard to protect your hand while you are cutting the objects.


You may like to buy a chainsaw that is not only versatile but also capable of performing some tough tasks. The Blue Max 8902 is that gas-powered chainsaw that promises to perform better than many other 45cc, 2-stroke chainsaws. The best thing about this chainsaw is that you get two different blades in a package.

The first blade is 14” long and another is 20” long and that’s how you can use this chainsaw on various projects. The Blue Max 8902’s 45cc engine generates enough power to cut some very large trees and wooden planks that you cannot cut by using an ordinary saw. Blue Max might have thought to save your time and improve your work efficiency.

blue max chainsaw reviews - BLUE MAX 8902

It seems like the job is done and the resulting chainsaw is the Blue Max 8902. It would be very easy to switch the blades, whether you want to use the 14” or 20” long blades. The 45cc single cylinder engine produces 2.45HP to perform the cutting and clearing job quickly.

Yes, this chainsaw is also quite safe because it offers kickback brake, safety trigger, handguard and ergonomic handles to use the chainsaw safely while you are working in the woods. It is one of the best gas powered chainsaws that is built for both professionals and occasional users.


When it comes to producing cost-effective chainsaws, Blue Max always wins the battle against some of the most reputable brands in the market. The 8901 combination chainsaw seems a great blend of quality and performance.

blue max chainsaw reviews - BLUE MAX 8901

Again, you get two different sized blades, one is a 14” blade for cutting and shedding small trees and wooden planks and another is a 20” blade for cutting large objects. Don’t forget, it is also an affordable chainsaw that is competing against some very expensive chainsaws from different brands.

Blue Max has equipped this chainsaw with automatic bar chain oil feed system that timely lubricates the chainsaw to maintain top performance.

The key reasons to buy the 8901 combination chainsaw would be its unbeatable performance, self-lubricating feature, 2 different sized blades, and affordable price. All you will do is fill the oil, gas and the chainsaw will get ready to cut anything you want in the woods and in your lawn.

Final words

You will agree that Blue Max is offering the best chainsaws at an affordable price to establish its name as one of the best power tool producing brands. It seems completely focused on quality and performance instead of wasting the time and money in branding.

In our Blue Max chainsaw reviews we have tried to reveal all the possible aspects of the chainsaws produced by this brand. You can trust the information and then decide whether or not to buy the Blue Max chainsaws.

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