Cheap Paint Sprayer Reviews

Cheap Paint Sprayer – The paint sprayers are the first choice of professionals and DIYers when it comes to painting large areas in a very short time. These modern painting machines improve your speed and accuracy. You cannot move a paintbrush or roller as fast as you can move the sprayer. In addition, a roller can never offer an impressive finish if you are trying to finish the job fast.

It will always require the second coating. Things get very different when it comes to painting with the paint sprayer. The sprayers emit very tiny particles of the paint on the targeted objects and ensure a quick and complete coverage. All the nooks and corners will get painted effectively when you are using a sprayer.

Cheap Paint Sprayer – Our Top Picks

The paint sprayers are quite essential for the professionals and now the DIY hobbyists are also taking interest in these painting machines. Every user wants to finish the paint job in the best possible way. Although it can be done by using the paint brushes or rollers, the sprayers allow you to finish much faster. You get some really impressive choices in the paint sprayers.

Finding a cheap paint sprayer with all the required features can be quite tough. Therefore, we have tried to make your search a bit easier and reviewed top two cheap paint sprayers. Check the reviews and you will find what you are looking for.

1. Ryobi Paint Station 

If you are looking for a paint sprayer that costs a very low price and which you can carry to different job sites in your car, the Ryobi Paint Station is a great choice. In fact, the professional home designers and decorators have praised the features of this sprayer.

cheap paint sprayer - Ryobi Paint Station

This sprayer can help you in painting both interior and exterior areas of your home and other objects, including the furniture, decks, and fences quite effectively. Many users have switched to the Ryobi Paint Station after using some other airless paint sprayers. Its 8” wheels make it a portable solution for your painting demands.

You don’t need to dilute the paint before using it. You can pour un-thinned paint like latex in its container and start painting. You get an elastic strap, a container lid, 515 reversible tip, piston-grip sprayer, external feed roller, roller handle, roller, and user guide in the complete package. All of these accessories make it an ideal choice for any professional user and DIY hobbyist.


  • You can use un-thinned paint, whether you are using oil-based materials or latex. You will save your time and start the painting job quickly.
  • It offers a variable pressure control feature that allows you to adjust the flow of the paint spray. You can pre-set the pressure to get the best finish on different materials.
  • It is easy to assemble painting machine that comes with a user manual. You can use that manual to learn how to assemble and spray the paint.


  • Although it is an affordable paint sprayer, still you will have to pay around $200 for buying it. Its price may force you to think twice before buying it.

2. Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP 

cheap paint sprayer - Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP 

One of the most famous affordable paint sprayers is the Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP. It has many features that have enhanced its popularity and made it the first choice for many buyers. It also costs around $200, but it has become the best affordable paint sprayer for all the homeowners.

Its several adjustment settings and ability to paint evenly on the targeted surface makes it is a great choice. In addition, you get multiple fluid tips with this sprayer. You will invest a small time in the DIY paint jobs and finish the work like a pro if you own and use this cheap paint sprayer.


  • It is the best DIY painting machine for home use.
  • You can get a professional type finish by using this sprayer.
  • It is a lightweight sprayer that is also quite durable.


  • Although it is quite durable and good for home paint jobs, you cannot rely on this sprayer for heavy paintwork.

Final words

The reviewed paint sprayers are chosen because these are bought and used by thousands of buyers. These sprayers have got various positive reviews from the DIY enthusiasts and also from professionals, who perform small-scale paint jobs. You can trust our selection and choose your favorite cheap paint sprayer from one of these two sprayers.

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