Cordless, Electric And Petrol Grass Trimmers

Grass Trimmers offer the perfect solution for reaching those hard to reach, awkward areas of grass that your lawnmower simply cannot reach. A grass trimmer will keep your lawn edges neat and improve the overall appearance of your garden.

1. Cordless Grass Trimmers

These are battery powered and are suitable for smaller areas of grass and have the added advantage of not having a chord to carry around after you.

Cordless Grass Trimmers

Buying Tips for Cordless Grass Trimmers

Cordless grass trimmers (commonly known as weed eaters or strimmers) help keep weeding efforts to a minimum. It can take hours to weed around a house if it is done by hand. It takes just a few minutes with a cordless grass trimmer, making them a favorite tool for homeowners everywhere. Cordless gas trimmers are an essential, but they are not all the same.

Which Brand Should you Buy?

There are many brands of cordless grass trimmers on the market. Manufacturers include top brand names as well as less familiar names. When purchasing a cordless gas trimmer, it is suggested to purchase one of the top brand names. A gas trimmer is a tool that will be used for years to come. A trusted name often gives a better warranty on their products than a lesser known name.

From a Financial Perspective

Since cordless grass trimmers are not all alike, the price range varies greatly. Some trimmers have added benefits, such as an edge. The fact that it is a well-known brand name usually means the price tag will be higher. These products are usually made with more durable materials than the lesser known names.

Cordless Grass Trimmers 2

That is why the price is usually higher. Saving up enough money to purchase a more expensive brand or type cordless grass trimmer is a good investment of money considering that it will likely be a longer period of time before the grass trimmer needs to be replaced.

Benefits of a Cordless Grass Trimmer

Cordless grass trimmers have many benefits over a corded electric trimmer. The main benefit is there is no danger of the cord being cut while working in the yard. There is no cord to keep out of the way. If a cord becomes cut with an electric trimmer, it can cause a shock or electrocution. If the yard is even slightly damp, the chances of some type of electric shock rises. The chances of electric shock from a cordless grass trimmer are virtually non-existent.

Cordless grass trimmers are also much less cumbersome than an electric corded trimmer. Extension cords are not necessary. The user does not end up tangled in the cord and the cord does not become a tangled mess because there is no cord to worry about. This brings us to the next advantage of not having to worry about where the outside outlet is. Since there is no cord, there is no need for an outlet.

Electric is very expensive, which is another great reason to choose a cordless grass trimmer. Although grass is high priced as well, trimmers do not need a lot of gas to get the job done. Electric trimmers take far more power to operate than grass trimmers. Cordless grass trimmers are more cost effective.


Cordless grass trimmers do come with a few disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the purchaser must run to the store to get grass for the trimmer if it gas runs out. This can take up precious time if there is no gas available at home. The other disadvantage is that grass trimmers take a little more maintenance than corded trimmers (see maintenance tips below).

What Size Cordless Grass Trimmer is Best?

A lightweight trimmer is much easier to manipulate and less tiresome than a heavier trimmer. Choose a lightweight grass trimmer to keep the work strain to a minimum. Weight slows things down, so choose a lighter weight.

Attaching Strings

One of the most difficult things about any trimmer is stringing it. Strings on a trimmer easily wear out and need replacement. That means stopping to restring the cordless grass trimmer before completing the job. When buying a new cordless grass trimmer, look for one that has an auto-feed feature or that allows for easy attachment of new strings. Many brands offer this type of feature and it will save a lot of time in future trimming jobs.

Is a Straight of Curved Shaft Better?

A straight shaft is useful in some areas, but not the most common areas. A curved shaft is easier to grip than a straight shaft. A curved shaft keeps the person using it from the inevitable back pain that comes from using a straight shaft.

If there are several areas of the yard that are difficult to reach but must be trimmed, such as the underside of a deck or under low hanging trees, a straight shaft may be a better purchase. If that is not the case, the curved shaft is the better choice.

Proper Use of a Cordless Grass Trimmer

It is important to heed the instructions that come with whatever trimmer is decided on. Safety should always come first. Wear goggles while trimming so nothing flies up into the eyes. Keep the trimmer in good repair to avoid major problems.

Keep the hands and feet away from the bottom of the trimmer whether it is on or not. If the trimmer is accidentally turned on, it can cause unnecessary injuries. Hang the trimmer in the garage/shed rather than laying it on the floor. This will keep it out of reach of children as well as save precious space.


Cordless grass trimmers need a lot of tender, loving care. It is important to change the air filter approximately every 90 days. The spark plugs should be replaced after coming out of storage. It will benefit well from an oil change at that time as well. Before storing the cordless grass trimmer for the winter, remove the spark plugs and empty the grass. This will ensure longer life of the cordless grass trimmer.

Homeowners greatly benefit from purchasing a cordless grass trimmer. They save a lot of time and effort over other trimming methods. It is an all-around good investment for every homeowner. Compare prices but do not make a decision solely on the price tag. Compare all the features on each trimmer to make a sound decision about which is best for every possible situation.

2. Electric Grass Trimmers

Introduced in early 1970’s, the grass trimmer is one essential tool in any tool shed or garage for making your garden and lawns look at its best. It’s also known as string trimmer and it trims the grass in the lawn areas where a mower cannot reach such as around the trees and flower beds.

Electric Grass Trimmers

Though years ago it was limited in terms of performance and selection, today advance technology enabled grass trimmer manufacturers to create and design trimmers that can handle all types of landscape needs.

Grass trimmers nowadays cannot only tidy the uneven edges, but can also clip hedges, cultivate, blow, sweep and prune; hence, saving you the money and trouble purchasing and storing numerous garden tools. Nevertheless, giving the yard a flawless finish starts with choosing the right grass trimmer.

Buying tips for electric / corded grass trimmers

One type of grass trimmer is the electric or corded. Electric or corded grass trimmers are lighter, easy to operate, less noisy, and less expensive compared to other types. It only requires minimal maintenance and no refueling. There are few drawbacks though for this type of grass trimmer. It’s when the electric cord gets in the way while working and gets accidentally cut. It also has a limited range depending on the nearest power outlet.

There are various features to consider when choosing a corded grass trimmer. This guide explains the different terms, sources, and features of a corded grass trimmer that makes a lawn job easier. Read on and learn some buying tips for electric grass trimmers.


The first thing to consider when choosing a corded grass trimmer is the area where it will be use. For a large, wide-open, and less-manicured grassy lawn, a corded trimmer with a wide cutting swathe will get the job done quickly and effectively. While for a well-manicured garden that requires occasional trimming in unreachable areas like underneath the shrubs or hedges, edges of paths, and along borders, the corded trimmers with smaller cutting swathes work best.

Corded grass trimmers come in various cutting widths. The smaller cutting width is 8 to 12 inches and it works well for occasional trimming jobs and smaller areas; the 14 to 15 inches cutting width is best for moderate usage; and corded trimmers with 15-18 inches cutting width works effectively for big areas and heavy-duty usage.

Comfortable to use

Secondly, when choosing a corded grass trimmer, look for one that is comfortable to use. This is important especially for trimming large lawns that consume longer period of time and can be back breaking. Thus, pick a model that has an extendable shaft. This allows the user to make machine adjustments on the height that suits them best.


Thirdly, corded grass trimmers are also equipped with straight and curved shafts. Straight shafts are longer and work well for hard to reach areas such as under fences, decks, or bushes. On the other hand, curved shafts are easier to maneuver, offer balance, and lighter in weight. It’s ideal for trimming along gardens, driveways, and sidewalks. Trimmers with large shaft’s diameters are more durable. Split shafts also allow additional accessory attachments such as leaf blower, tree pruner, hedge trimmer, and garden cultivator.


Fourth is that corded grass trimmers also comes with a nylon cord connected to the trimmer’s head and spins at very high speed as it cuts the grass. The way this cord is attached and gets replaced when broken varies from one model to the other. Some models have integral cord spools that automatically feed through the cord and only needs replacement when it runs out. Choose a model that comes with twin cords as it is more effective in handling thick and overgrown areas.

Make sure also that replacing the line spool for the trimmer is not difficult to accomplish. Some models require hand-wind in connecting the line around the spool which might be something uncomfortable or difficult for inexperienced users. Alternatively, some models feature removable cartridges which allow easy removal for the used line and effortless connection of the new line.

Rotating head

Fifth, choose a trimmer that has 180 degrees rotating head. It provides precise angle for the edges of the garden, as well as convenience, because kneeling down to trim the edges by hand is no longer necessary.

There are various types of heads for corded grass trimmers. First is the manual head, also called fixed-line head. It holds two pre-cut lines that require turning off the machine for replacement when worn. It also needs bumping to advance the line. Second is the most commonly used and amongst the most popular trimmers – the semi-automatic head.

It’s widely known as bump-and-feed head or tap-and-go head as it advances the line every time the head is tapped on the ground during trimming. Continuous banging, debris, and dirt causes jam to the line on these heads. Lastly, the automatic head offers added convenience to its users as it advances new lines whenever it is needed without the operator’s help.

Another thing that needs checking before buying a corded grass trimmer is the gap between the head and the end of the shaft. Smaller gaps ensure less chance of tall grass and weeds to bind around the cutting head. While larger gaps slow down the engine.

With the numerous sizes, shapes, and models to choose from, deciding which trimmer to buy can be overwhelming. Its prices also vary depending on its features and capabilities. Low-powered corded grass trimmers are cheaper, while corded trimmers with professional grades are more expensive. For tougher trimming jobs, the expensive and high-impact corded trimmers are worth the investment. In contrast, the inexpensive models are more sensible for simple tasks.

Bottom Line

Consequently, when looking for a corded grass trimmer for garden and landscape needs, search thoroughly for information online before buying. The Internet provides numerous details needed to make a well-thought decision on the type of electric grass trimmer that is perfect for every gardening need. With the hands-on approach to shopping paired with a little research, choosing the best corded grass trimmer is a breeze.

3. Petrol Grass Trimmers

A good option for a large garden with heavy growth as they offer significantly more power than the other options. The only downside is that they are slightly heavier and more difficult to handle than a cordless or electric trimmer.

petrol grass trimmers

Buying Tips for Petrol Grass Trimmers

After lawn mowers, string grass trimmers are the most widely used power tool for the lawn. Indeed, some gardeners and homeowners don’t believe that a lawn is truly manicured until the trimmer is used. Most petrol powered trimmers have a two stroke engine and require a special petrol and oil mix.

They make more noise than electric trimmers, give off fumes and add pollution to the environment. More and more manufacturers are making four stroke engines, which are quieter and cause less pollution than the two stroke kind, but making these more eco-friendly trimmers isn’t always successful. Four stroke engine trimmers are also larger and heavier than the two stroke kind.

Petrol powered trimmers are more powerful than electric trimmers and need more maintenance than electric trimmers. They’re also more expensive. But petrol powered trimmers are a good option if the buyer has a large lawn plagued with coarse grass and tougher weeds. Because they don’t have to be plugged in, petrol grass trimmers can used at a distance from the house.

A gardener who has a very large lawn might want to buy a commercial over a residential trimmer. Commercial trimmers are not only more power than residential trimmers but they produce less vibration and last longer. They’re built to higher standards than residential petrol powered grass trimmers.

Petrol powered trimmers usually cut grass and weeds with a whipping nylon cord, though some can use heavier blades. A basic string trimmer should have an automatic of semiautomatic feed system for the nylon cord and some make the gardener turn off the engine and lengthen the string manually whenever it wears down.

Some gardeners prefer bump feed systems, where the gardener bumps the trimmer head against the ground to pay out more nylon cord, though this can put stress on the line and make it jam. In that case, the gardener would have to pay out the line manually anyway and take the head apart to do so.

The nylon cord may be safer than a blade, but as some nylon cords can spin at around 28,000 feet a minute, they can still strip the bark off young trees and shrubs if it hits them. When a trimmer is used, the trunks of these plants should be protected with a plastic collar that can be bought at a garden centre, or the area around the trees should be mulched to eliminate the need to use a trimmer too close to them.


Some features to look for when buying a grass trimmer are a rotating head whose angle can be adjusted to cut near a path or against a wall. Another good feature is a second handle, which makes the instrument more controllable and a telescopic shaft that can be adjusted to the height of the user. Some people prefer trimmers with straight shafts as opposed to curved shafts because a straight shaft makes it easier for the trimmer to reach under overhanging evergreen vegetation.

Another feature might be a wire guard that keeps the nylon cord from damaging shrubs, though once again, the gardener might wish to protect their shrubs in other ways.

The nylon cord or blades should also be able to be easily replaced. Replacements should be able to be bought at the same place the gardener bought the grass trimmer.

The gardener should also look for a trimmer that starts relatively easily. Some newer trimmers require the gardener to start the trimmer one step at a time, or to pull a starter handle in sequence.

Where To Buy Them

Trimmers, like other garden tools, can be bought at nurseries and garden and hardware stores. They can also be bought from farm and feed stores. Trimmers can be bought on-line or through a catalog, though the drawback with on-line or catalog shopping is that the customer won’t be able to see or handle the tool until they get it.

Some manufacturers of petrol powered grass trimmers are Black & Decker, Powerbase, Ryobi, Homelite, Performance Power, Hitachi, Toro and Worx.

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