Dremel 8220 Review – Go Wireless with this Rotary Tool

Dremel 8220 Review – When searching for the best rotary tool, take some time to read our review here. As you know, there are lots of choices available when shopping for a good rotary tool, so finding the best one is quite challenging. But if you want a quick recommendation, perhaps the Dremel 8220 is worth considering. So, what makes it a right choice for you?

Dremel 8220 Review – A Complete Tool to Handle Various Tasks

Dremel is a popular brand in the rotary tool business. One of their best products is the Dremel 8220. This rotary tool uses a high-torque motor which can deliver the right amount of power that you need when handling various tasks. It delivers great performance and so is with other features associated with this model. It comes with 28 accessories which give you lots of functionalities from polishing to cutting.

Dremel 8220 Review cordless rotary tool

When you want to charge the tool, it only takes an hour to charge the rotary tool fully. As we have mentioned earlier, this rotary tool can let you go anywhere when you are working since it doesn’t use cords to get power.


  • Quick collet lock.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Compact size and weight.
  • 12V max lithium-ion battery.
  • 1-hour charger.
  • 28 accessories, carrying case.
  • High-performance motor.
  • 408 1/2-inch sanding band and 60 grit 407 1/2-inch sanding drum.
  • Four 425 polishing wheels (emery) and three 414 small felt wheels.
  • 541 grinding wheel (aluminum oxide).
  • 561 cutting bit for multipurpose use.

The Perfect Addition to Your Toolbox

When you are shopping for the best rotary tool, look no further, you have Dremel 8220. If you have some issues with the cord of your rotary tool, you won’t encounter this problem anymore when using Dremel 8220. A cordless rotary tool is a great tool as it can give freedom in use. It is also the most portable type that can save you a lot of time when working on some projects.

Change the Speed Easily

Having the ability to change the speed of the tool can be very helpful, and it seems that you can also expect this feature from this model. Dremel 8220 comes with the variable speed dial so that you can change the speed. It is beneficial as you can get the right speed that fits your purpose.

What This Kit Can Do

  • Grinding, Sharpening, and Sanding.
  • Carving and Engraving.
  • Cleaning and Polishing.
  • Cutting.

Dremel 8220 Review – Conclusion

To conclude, this rotary tool has everything that you need if you need a rotary tool that can be used anywhere as it operates on battery. This tool also comes with 28 accessories which let you start working on your projects immediately. If you are on the budget, this tool is also a perfect choice as it is sold at an attractive price.