Dewalt DW734 vs DW735 Planer

DW734 vs DW735 – Are you in the market for a new wood planer? This can help to provide a wood surface with a smooth finish and also save money since you won’t have to spend a small fortune on lumber that’s pre-surfaced.

A great option is a bench top surface planer if you’re looking for a high-quality wood planer. They can provide various benefits like the low- cost, compact size, etc. One of the best options is the two units in a dw734 vs dw735 comparison.

Why DeWalt Wood Planers?

DeWalt is a US brand of power tools & hand tools for the construction, woodworking, and manufacturing industries. The company is in fact a brand name of Black & Decker, which itself is under the umbrella company Stanley Black & Decker.

DeWalt offers three lightweight and efficient wood planers. They include dw734 vs dw735 and DW735X. It’s important to know the basics about the various units to determine which model is the best option for your particular needs.

Dewalt DW734 vs DW735 Comparison

Dewalt DW734

Dewalt DW734 Review

This is a 2-speed wood planer with 15 amps. It’s a good starter planer if you’re looking for one. There’s a 3-knife cutter head and 10,000 rpm cutter head speed. This provides an incredible 96 cuts per inch (cpi). As a result it can handle deep cuts in various hardwood, which is something a woodworker would certainly value as a feature.

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Dewalt DW735

dewalt dw734 vs dw735

When doing a dw734 vs dw735 comparison, it’s important to know the basics about this wood planer. This unit includes a base made of cast aluminum, which makes it a well-built power tool. The DW735 includes a 19-3/4-inch base, which is nearly 2x as rigid compared to similar units with a 10” base. Another issue worth noting is the automatic carriage lock ends the need for the user to use manual engagement when operating the planer.    

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1. Carriage Lock

This is a critical part used for lowering the effect produced by snipe. First, the DW734 includes a manual, 4-column carriage lock. What does it mean? The operate much turn the to unit’s lever through many revolutions in order to lock in the board. Meanwhile, the DW735 includes an automatic carriage lock. This ends the requirement of user engagement.

2. Blade Size

The DW735 uses 13-inch knives versus the DW734’s 12.5-inch knives. This might not seem like a major issue. However, in terms of issues like cut depth as well as surface flattening quality just ½-inch of more length could be a major issue.

3. Weight Aspect

The DW735 has a weight of 92 pounds while the DW734has a weight that’s 12 pounds lighter. This will be a major issue when you have to transfer your planer between the storage area and work area. You’ll need more effort when using the DW735 so it’s something to keep in mind.

After reviewing the dw734 vs dw735 comparison which one is best for your needs? It’s important to consider the features, pros, and cons of each unit before deciding which one is right for your particular needs and applications.      

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