Echo CS 400 Review – Best Gas Chainsaw?

Echo CS 400 Review – If you have never heard “Echo”, you may think that it is not a popular brand. In fact, Echo is one of the most popular brands that is known for producing high-quality outdoor equipment. One of these products is the Echo CS 400. It is a gas saw which is designed for professional woodcutters who want to handle the toughest cutting jobs.

Echo CS 400 Review – A Gas Chainsaw Designed for Heavy Duty Tasks

The Echo CS 400 comes with various useful features. The first feature that we want to explore is the use of a hardcore engine which is specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks. While it is lightweight, it is powerful enough to handle various cutting jobs. It comes with the well-built plastic frame. It also makes the gas saw look more durable than other models that you have tried so far.

Echo CS 400 Review

Save Your Time with the Automatic Adjustable Oiler

When we are looking for a good gas saw, there are some factors that we must consider. One of these factors is that we can ensure proper oiling of the chain. Thanks to its automatic adjustable oiler, there is no need to do it manually when you want to check the lubrication. So, you can focus on the main activity.

Provide Quick Cleaning with a User-Friendly Air Filter

Another captivating feature that you will find been unique in Echo CS 400 saw is the use of a user-friendly air filter. This is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw. Fortunately, this gas saw comes with a powerful air filter which can add up to the engine’s lifespan. By using this filter, it can remove all debris and dust easily. Due to this powerful air filter, it makes filter maintenance a lot easier.

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What Makes Echo CS 400 the Best Choice for You?

There are still other features that make this chainsaw one of the best choices you can find in the market. For example, it also comes with an air pre-cleaner which can be removed easily without using any tools. This air pre-cleaner can remove all dirt before air filtration. The best part is that you can use it straight away since it comes fully assembled. There is no need to waste your time as you can use the tool immediately.


  • i-30™ starting system for reduced effort starting.
  • Genuine OEM Echo Part.
  • Engine Oil Included, Fully Assembled.
  • 18″ Bar & Chain Included.
  • 2-stroke engine, 40.2 cc professional-grade.


  • It comes with a high-power engine.
  • It doesn’t produce a lot of noise.
  • Simple controls.


  • Some customers may find it difficult when dealing with the chain. This chainsaw requires the users to adjust the chain tension constantly. It is easy to do, but it can be quite frustrating if users have to do it many times.

Final Words

Overall, the Echo CS 400 is a great chainsaw which can help you save a lot of time when dealing with various cutting jobs. We hope Our Echo CS 400 review can help you decide whether this tool is worth buying or not.

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