Electric vs Gas Chainsaw

Electric vs Gas Chainsaw – Chainsaws are the portable devices used for cutting tasks; these devices have teethes attached to it along with a chain rotating with the guide bar. A huge number of people want to buy chainsaws to perform the gardening tasks. There are a variety of chainsaws available in the market for you to choose from.

The two major choices available are electric and gas chainsaws. Both of the types have a huge amount of power features and services to offer when you require it for cutting of trees.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaw – Which One is Right for You?

If you are thinking of buying a chainsaw recently, you need to go through this guide before to make a valid and non-negotiable decision. As a buyer you must know about the products, its features and services to select the right one among them.

The Gas chainsaw

electric vs gas chainsaw - gas chainsaw

These chainsaws use a mixture containing both gas and oil to be used as a power source. These chainsaws mostly perform the heavy duty work and have a lot of power as compared to the electric one. These are mostly used by the professional foresters and loggers to get done with the cutting task of the hardwood trees and large woods.

Also, these gas-powered devices are used to cut through the firewood and saw trees for the lumber. For the cleaning projects and storm cleaning these chainsaws are considered extremely important. These chainsaws are generally preferred for outdoor usages where there is no electricity available.

The problem faced by people using these chainsaws is their heavyweight and cumbersomeness. These are extremely difficult to manage and maneuver, while small technical and detailed tasks.

The Electric chainsaw

electric vs gas chainsaw - electric chainsaw

These are more suitable for the household and indoor tasks. Also, they are very light in weight and easy to maneuver and manage; these chainsaws are no doubt more suitable to complete the tasks needing fineness and detailed attention. They are very easy to use and get started with as it only requires a button to be pushed to get start unlike the typical mechanism required by the gas ones.  They are to be easily maintained and cleaned, and also cost very less.

These are not at all portable, and are very less preferable for the outdoor chores as these cannot be used in the absence of electricity. These are also not used in the wet and moist areas to avoid any kinds of hazards.

Electric vs Gas chainsaw – Conclusion 

While making the choice between both types of chainsaws, you need to be clear about your needs and tasks. If you require it for heavy duty work and a lot of power in the chainsaw, you should buy the gas chainsaws. But, if you just require it for the light tasks and trimming works that do not need a lot of power and torque produced, you should go for the electric chainsaws.

Keep in mind that though gas chainsaws produce power, they are very difficult to maintain and clean. Besides, they are more expensive. The electric chainsaws are easy to clean, maintain and also costs less, but they produce less power than the gas chainsaws.

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