Greenworks 25022 Review – Good Quality Corded Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25022 Review – If you are looking for a durable electric-powered lawn mower, then you can consider the Greenworks 25022 corded lawn mower.

Greenworks 25022 Review – Features

It comes with some useful features, making it one of the best lawn mowers you can find in the market. While it is so powerful, the Greenworks 25022 remains affordable than other competitors.

Greenworks 25022 Review

Some features include grass clipping management that comes with multiple options, a wide cutting deck, and a range of height adjustment options. If you use this lawn mower, then you can ensure that it is powerful enough to cut through dense patches of the grass.

  • 12 Amp Electric Motor.
  • 7 position height adjustment.
  • 3-in-1 feature.
  • Durable steel 20-Inch cutting deck.
  • Wide 7-Inch front wheels and 10-Inch rear wheels.

Compact, Easy to Store, and Environmentally Friendly

The Greenworks 25022 comes with a compact design so that it can be stored in the tool shed or garage easily.  An electric lawn mower offers some benefits that you can’t expect from the gas-powered mowers. For example, a gas-powered lawn mower tends to be noisy.

Fortunately, if you use an electric-powered lawn mower, you can be sure that it doesn’t produce a lot of noise. The Greenworks 25022 can run quietly in that you can use it in the morning without disturbing anyone in the neighborhood.

What Makes It the Best Choice for You?

The first reason is, it is affordable and has some excellent features that can help you to get the best cut. Some of these features are the grass clipping management with multiple options, seven height adjustment levels, and an extra wide cutting deck. The addition of the extra wide cutting deck makes the mower powerful, especially when compared to other competitors.

Grass Clipping Management with Multiple Options

Some expensive lawn mowers come with advanced features. One of them is the availability of the grass clipping management with multiple options. Fortunately, the Greenworks 25022 has added this feature.

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This electric-powered lawn mower comes with the in-house options. It means that you can use the mulch kit to chop the clippings. You can also use the standard side discharge.

Seven Height Adjustment Levels

The Greenworks 25022 also offers seven height options. These options allow you to get the best possible cut as you can choose from 3/2 inches to 3 ¾ inches. Simply, pick the right option that works best for you.


  • Three option clippings management.
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • Compact design; it can be stored easily.
  • Not as loud as gas machine.
  • Easy to use and assemble.


  • It uses a short cord, but you can purchase a long cord so that you can use it to handle a large lawn.
  • Note that you may encounter issues when the mower is used to cut tough grass.

Greenworks 25022 Review – Final Words

To conclude, the Greenworks 25022 is one of the best electric-powered lawn mowers you can consider if you need a lawn mower that is powerful, easy to use, and affordable.

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