Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ Review

If you are looking for the best table saw, then you can consider the Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ. This is a perfect table saw that has lots of amazing features, helping you to handle various tasks easily.

Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ – Features

Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ

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It comes with a powerful motor that has the electric brake and soft start. In addition, this table saw also comes with a working table size that enables you to work comfortably. Of course, there are still other good features that make Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ one of the best table saws in the market.

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Now, let’s explore more about the features. They include out-feed support assembly, blade-guard assembly, a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and the power cord. It goes without saying that it has all features that you need from a high-quality table saw.

  • Powerful 15-Amp, 4,500 rpm motor.
  • Fold away frame.
  • 8-inch rubber wheels.
  • Cutting depths of 2-1/4-inch at 45-degrees and 3-1/8-inch at 90-degrees.
  • Large table with telescoping extension.
  • Electric brake stops blade within seconds.
  • Soft start function.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

The Largest Rip Capacity in Its Class

What makes it better than other table saws that you have seen so far is that it is specifically designed to handle everything from framing lumbers to the hardwood.

It is engineered with sturdy, foldable legs that ensure it last for many years. It comes with the overload protection which can prevent damage to the motor. There is also a riving knife which can ensure that there is no bind or kickback.

What Makes It the Best Choice for You?

Now let’s take a good look at some benefits that you can expect from the Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ. One of the benefits is its power.

It is equipped with a high power 15-amp motor which can generate 4,500 rpm which can rip through hardwood without any issues.

Having a powerful table saw is important and that’s what you can expect from this table saw. To offer a wide range of useful cuts, it also comes with 22-inch left rip capacity and 35-inch rip capacity. Note that the rip fence can adjust easily to provide a wide range of cuts.

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There is also a roll stand which is easy to set up and breakdown. The use of the onboard storage is to keep tools and parts organized. You can access these parts and tools easily.

There is also another feature which keeps you safe when you are using the table saw. These features are the electric brake and soft start. These features are designed for increased safety and productivity.


  • It comes with the universal 15-amp motor which can handle everything from framing lumber to hardwood.
  • There is also the on-tool accessory storage available.
  • It comes with the telescoping table extension which supports 22” of ripping capacity to the left and 35” of ripping capacity to the right.
  • Users can also expect the addition of a large and reliable working table.
  • It uses the electric brake which halts the rotation of the blade within seconds thus it can protect the users while working.
  • It offers easy adjustments for the blade height or angle.
  • Simple fence adjustments.
  • The use of the riving knife can ensure that the cutting material doesn’t bind or kickback during operation.
  • There is a dust port which is very useful for a cleaner work environment.
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Not so precise fence.

Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ – Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for the best portable table saw that fits your budget and can be used to cut through all types of hardwood, then the Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ is the best choice. Check the construction design of the table saw.

It features a fold and roll stand which aims to provide comfort when you are using this table saw. The use of the fold and roll stand provides enhanced portability and maximum stability.

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Don’t forget that it also comes with a dust port which can be very helpful once you have used the tool. The dust port is located at the rear of the base, and it can connect to a dust collection system.

The main use of the dust port is that it can provide a cleaner work environment. To conclude, having some amazing features added, the Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ is without any doubt one of the best table saws that you must consider.