How To Thin Latex Paint – Tips and Advice

How to thin latex paint – Most of us might have paint stored in our places and face the regular problems of it getting thick, if not left unused for some time. But not anymore this article will tell you how to make that thick latex paint used again.

How to thin latex paint? – 6 Steps

How to thin latex paint

We will talk about some tips and tricks that can help you thin the latex paint. Now you do not need to throw out the thickened paint, and with these simple steps and tricks, it can be brought back to life again.

What to do?

Because of its oil base and easily drying out texture, the latex paint gets thickened very fast and easily. So you need to follow the steps mentioned below to maintain its thin state.

Step 1

Keep the paint can in a well-ventilated room or any outdoor space.  Open up the can carefully keeping it on a sturdy surface. Just do not distort the lid while opening it, preventing it from resealing the can again.

Step 2

Also, you need to determine first hand that if the paint actually needs to undergo the procedure or not. This can be done by dipping a stick into the paint and leave it there for a few seconds.

In case the paint sticks to the stick it needs the thinning procedure, whereas if it flows evenly from the stick, it does not need to be thinned. Make sure you keep your dust mask and protective gloves while going through this procedure.

Step 3

Next, you need to pour all of the can’s content in a bucket of volume five gallons. For every gallon of paint add additional half gallon warm water to the bucket and stir the mixture continuously with a stick.

After a few stirs, take the stick out and hold it over a paper plate or paint tray. If the paint flows smoothly, it is well prepared to be applied, but if it still crumbles up in globs, you need to perform the next steps as well.

Step 4

You need to add an ounce of water to the bucket at room temperature. Keep mixing it with the stick. Keep on adding an ounce of water till the paint reaches the required thinness and heavy cream consistency.

Perform the stick test again to make sure the pain id thinned enough to be applied.

Step 5

Pour back the paint into a clean can and reseal it if not required at the moment. Just add an additional ounce of water at the top of the paint to keep it from forming a skin or drying before resealing the can.

Step 6

Store the paint in a dry place that does not face any kind of temperature fluctuations. Also, make sure the seal is airtight to prevent it from drying out again.

How to thin latex paint – Conclusion

With the steps mentioned above, you can easily achieve the usable state of the latex paint and perform all of your DIY tasks. Also, make sure not to get the paint on yourselves while performing out the procedure, and do not forget to keep your protection gears on.

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