How To Unjam A Staple Gun

How To Unjam A Staple Gun – First of all, we need to know what staple guns are, to understand the scenario better. These are the powerful and stronger versions of the office staplers.

These stapler guns are much powerful and allow you to make quick staples. The device comes in a range of varieties and models, mostly in two categories the manuals or the electric ones. Here in this article, we will be talking about the ways to clear a staple jam.

How To Unjam A Staple Gun?

How to unjam a staple gun

Fixing manual staple guns

Fixing a manual stapler gun will be much easier to do if you will keep on following the mentioned steps.

  1. Firstly pull out the pusher rod. This magazine length rod feeds the staples in the chamber of the gun. Pull the tab or knob at the bottom of the gun to pull out this rod.
  2. Next, you need to remove screws settled at the bottom of the magazine. The screw when removed will let the magazine to be removed. Use a screwdriver for completion of the task.
  3. Remove the magazine and detach it from the stapler body. The magazine will come out at the staple gun bottom.
  4. You need to use the needle-nose pliers in order to get rid of the jam. In these staplers, you will encounter the jam at the discharge point of the staples. Use the pliers to pull out the stuck staples out of the gun.
  5. Lastly, you need to reassemble the staple gun s it was before, for it to be used later on. You need to perform all these processes in reverse to get the stapler fixed.

Fixing an electric staple gun

Electric guns or also known as the pneumatic staple guns can be un-jammed using the following steps.

  1. You need to unplug the staple gun and release its trigger too. After you successfully release the trigger, you need to unplug the cord, switch off the power button if has any and remove the battery too in case it is battery powered.
  2. Removal of staple clip is the next thing to be done. It can be done by pulling the release lever at the bottom of the magazine.
  3. Again you need to use the needle nose pliers to get rid of the jammed staples both in the front of the magazine and the discharge area. Do not pull out the staples too hard and be gentle with all the process.

Some of the models provide you the facility to clear the discharge are just by removing the magazine, while others may require you to disassemble the gun completely. Also sometimes just a tap on staple gun’s base is what it requires to get rid of a jam.

How To Unjam A Staple Gun – Conclusion

All these steps will clearly help you out get rid of those stuck staples and will return you your gun in the proper working condition. But you need to watch out your fingers while working with the pliers in order to avoid getting hurt. Also, do not forget to wear an eye protection while working on the un-jamming process.

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