How To Use A Pocket Hole Jig

How To Use A Pocket Hole Jig – Pocket hole jig is one of the coolest of the gadgets used by the woodworkers. All of them are crazy about this amazing product and bring it in use in their works.

It is a type of jig used to create pocket-sized holes; these holes give space for screw insertion and making two wood pieces combine.

How to use a pocket hole jig? – User Guide

These kinds of joints or combinations are very strong and are said to last much longer; also they tend to make the screw almost hideous for human sight. A drill featuring the pilot till is used along with this tool.

To make your project much stronger, attractive and obviously stylish, you should probably go for the pocket hole jig instead of those traditional gluey methods to be considered.

how to use a pocket hole jig

Un-boxing the pocket hole jig

The pocket hole jig is available in a huge number of brands for us to choose from. The product comes in a kit containing the specialized drill mentioned earlier along with all other attachments.

The hole made by this drill provides obvious space for the head and tip of the screw to fit properly in it. A pocket hole jig kit also has with it a typical driver with a square tip for the drill. This because some of the screws have special heads and you need to dig special holes for them.

The jig is mostly made up of plastic and has a tinny tiny contraption along with a round spot to be lamped down when required. You can also use clamps along with to keep one of your hand free.

But using it otherwise also will not have any issues.  Also, clamps will keep it stable and prevent it from slipping out of your hands. The numbered slide on your jig is given to make the adjustments when required.

These adjustments will be done based on the thickness of the material. You will also be provided with a user manual to make the usage easier and much effective. The user guide also helps you decide on the selection of slider and the screw length based on wood thickness.

Things to keep in mind

Once you are well aware of the screw position, make the pocket hole jig clamp down the wood and dig a hole for the screw to fit.  Keep in mind to place the drill perfectly in order to get the hole right and in place.

It is quite easy to get the straight holes all you have to do is place it on the mark and boom the work is done. All you have to do is line up the holes perfectly and push the drill. Just do it in one joint and then align it to get the screw inserted in it.

How To Use A Pocket Hole Jig – Conclusion

There are various brands making these kinds of products, and some of them are even available in different styles and designs. Also make sure you read the user manual properly before getting started with it, for better, more efficient work and results.

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