How To Use A Socket Wrench

How To Use A Socket Wrench – All of us might be confused between a socket wrench and a ratchet. But it is nothing to be worried about; a socket wrench is way far different than a normal ratchet. The socket wrench is a fastener with a socket on a side it works fine with the pulling and pushing task for a bolt and fitting a nut. But using a socket wrench properly is not everyone’s cup of tea; so to make sure you are using it the right way follow the steps mentioned below.

How to use a socket wrench – Step by Step

how to use a socket wrench

1. Choosing the right one

To avoid any kind of damage, it is really important for us to choose the right type of socket wrench. You need to make sure buying the right size of product for the socket and it will be really easy as the sockets have the size indicated over them. Check other ones too if you find it is not the right size and keep trying until you find one that fixes. Also, make sure that the drive socket should be the same as the square dimension of ratchet drive.

2. Establishing the Socket connection

After finding the right socket wrench you also need to attach it to the ratchet. While making the connection does not forget to check that the drive square exactly fits in the square dimension of ratchet drive. If the ratchet drive differs in size, you can use an adapter module as an alternate. You should line the socket drive along the square ball bearing in case having a side hole.

3. Turning Inspection

Before finally using it you need to inspect the tuning and lining to make sure everything is in the place. One of the simplest ways to inspect is holding the socket with your left hand and let the other hand move the socket continuously to the left and right. With the motion of the ratchet, you will get to know if it is attached properly or not.

4. Putting the socket on the fastener

This procedure requires high precision, line the fastener and the head together. As explained it can be now used to tighten or loosen the ratchet, clockwise turns will tighten it up whereas anti-clockwise ones will loosen it.

5. Fastener turns

Keep on rotating the handle in the preferred direction and make sure you are doing it 5from the opposing position as there is no more handle space. Depending on your comfort level, you can re-position it and start all over again. Keep on turning continuously till the fastener is either completely tightened or loosened.

How To Use A Socket Wrench – Conclusion

This guide will surely help you get your socket wrench right and how to bring it to a wise use. You can confidentially fix all the flaws using the socket wrench anytime you want to. But make sure you are buying the wrench from a certified dealer only. This will help you bypass the low-quality goods and help you buy the efficient, durable and highly effective products.

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